Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My Birthday dollies (No 134)

Today two dolls I got for my birthday.
I have spent few days alone between stocktaking session and flying to join my family for spring break...
Unusually for me both dolls are nrfb. Unusually for me I intend to leave one of them in this state. She makes much more sense as a packaged product than a toy - for this once (to my surprise). She is my gift to myself. The second one is long awaited Mate to Move Asha... but she won't get ther number as I intend to use her as a donor...

Here we go (with some help of my tiny, lovely nude assistants, freshly from spa at that time..)

 Three boxes, triffle and belgian beer;-) None of which I need to share, LOL
 Lovely lilac tisse paper is covering this treasure consisting of 11 items - oh good old 90's Mattel!
Tadaaa... here she is in her boxed GAP glory!

 with a cool lace loop
 ...old elastics and millions of fab details - enjoy!
 Fab denim blue eyeshadow and cheerful bandana<3
 Denim jacket and oversized shirt to die for...
 amazing shopping bag with brand new pair of jeans with tiny tags!!!
 Coanvas throusers, cap and backpack... (oh how will I resist!!)
This is 1996 edition - AA version of a classic Caucasian Barbie.
Year later Mattel-Gap duo repeats the success(?) with a mum-daughter sets wearing fab burgundy hooddies and sunglasses!


 Being the last doll blogger on planet earth to debox MtM doll - i'll be quick:-)

 here she is unanimated with her vintage friend.... and feeling herself for the very first time! magic...
 It is very interesting to finally hold this body in hands... so many possibilities that I really couldn't think of any... beautiful palms, love the muscular tights... not so happy with tiny feet and very bad finish of the molded lips... definitely a fan of heavy vintage rubber substantial bodies...

 After seeing all those instagrams, flickrs and blogposts I am sooo bored with this neutral face and short hair that I will have no objections in decapitating her one day...
so much fun and few technical issues.... these two joints are creepy...
 ..and robotic elbows and knees are not too convincing...

p.s. perfumes were such a stinkers I resold them.. definitely not a Versace girl nor into pinks and crystals;-)

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  1. Super prezenty! A paienka z GAPa jest po prostu cudowna!

    Wszystkiego najlepszego! :)

  2. Happy birthday! The dolls are lovely :-)

  3. Prześwietne prezenty, urodziny były z pewnością udane :D Wszystkiego, co najlepsze!