Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Dolls, No.132

Yet another bargain I could not resist...
This is obviously yet another annoying Mattel/Disney very commercial collaboration based on real people and teenage stars...

All I know about High School Musical is what I've learnt from South Park guys, so to speak... it must be very annoying... do neo-post Beverly Hills...

just look at this picture - three heterosexual couples, caucasian, latino, black/mixed race;-) not the most subtle stitching... people in their 20s playing teenagers, grrrrrr

I am additionally annoyed by the fact that Gabriela doll is just everywhere I look bringing me countless disappointments being usually the only tanned brunette of the bunch...
Also - thay have hobbit / petite bodies and not proportional heads with very artificial / mature looking faces... not cool...

well..except of this one in far right... her face-sculpt is based on Desire/Artsy mold I believe and is nicely convincing in this editon. Make-up and hair on this one are very cool...

She was a present for myself for my sons 6th birthday in January;-)

Just look at her! So much potential (and dust)...
she also has two-toned hair in original hairdo and vintage stylised earrings - 
not fab but I can see them on some 60's barbie ooak;-)
She came with two pairs of shoes and 3 sets of clothes. She is missing few original but the wonderful green cropped cardigan stolen from Hanna Montana will definitely do:-))

and the coolest sporty flats ever...
...I'm thinking about giving her regular body..or shooting first with Flavas and Petite...

Update. I could not stand her proportions. Petite bodies do not inspire me at all.
I 'upgraded' her transferring on to recent Fashionista Body (Goddes set) but now I am considering even going with MtM - just look ow good and vivid her face actually is!

I kept 'vintage' hair styling so far, really suits her!

My one-eye-open 'research' brings me to conclusion that there have been /at least/ three editions of these dolls - one every season... casual one, 2nd prob and 3rd least...

Here are three different Taylors - mine is from playset with a rather handsome, yet sadly 'colour coordinated', boyfriend (Chad):


  1. Very nice find! The Taylor doll is very nicely done and is supposed to be based of the actress that played her. I think I put mine on an AA Liv body a long time ago. I like that body for teens as the proportions are more youthful! I don't know if you noticed in your photos, but the Corbin Bleu/Chad doll with the "I majored in VACATION" logo the t-shirt is basically the Jamal face mold while the one in the Tux in done more to the likeness of Corbin Bleu/Chad. I have both versions. Both of my daughters were big HSM fans when the movies came out, so we have most of the set except for Ryan/Lucas Grabeel. We have the prom sets, so we also have one of Zeke who has a Jamal head.

    1. Thanks for a tip.
      I completely missed HSM frenzy but this doll is truly great.
      I gave her tanned new fashonista body and guess she looks rather mature yet fresh.
      Livs are quite if not rare, extremely desired thing on and i'd never behead AA one;-)

  2. Nigdy nie oglądałam High School Musical, więc nie potrafię się wypowiedzieć co do produkcji... Lalka ładna. Choć masz racje, proporcje gdzieś uciekły.

  3. miałam i ja tę ślicznotkę -
    ale nie mogłam znaleźć Jej
    odpowiedniego doroślejszego
    ciała - i pożegnałyśmy się...