Sunday, December 3, 2017

My dolls. No.131

The first doll from my headhunters stash to enjoy new body was 2015 Fashionista - 
'Donut top' Skipper.

I think I will call her Donatella, which doesn't make much sense with her auburn hair...
She is very well done proper ginger with nice brown eyelashes, lovely gray-teal eyes and pale pink lips, which, I guess, I will forgive her this one time... She got quite an interesting body - articulated knees and one bend elbow...

 This is a lovely mold which photographs really well...
Since suddenly all grown up she hopped into some pink underwear...

Couldn't wait to give her some proper clothes...
here is an exerpt from session with Chelsie:

she actually has two-tonne hair <3

**  **  **
p.s. here she is rocking the internet as a custom - repainted and with shortened hair. Interesting!


  1. i jako fabryczny produkt - ŚLICZNY!
    mam i ja tę pannicę w lalkozbiorze,
    tyle, że mojej pomalowałam usta na
    koralowy metallic i jest git!

    1. Zupelnei sie nie dziwie..ale nie moge miec wszystkich lalek z karminowymi i czekoladowymi ustami... te nawet pasuja do typu...

  2. Ma bardzo ładną buźkę. Ale zdecydowanie wolę ją w dłuższych włosach.