Friday, December 15, 2017

My Dolls, No. 133

I know I know... But I have this obsession of articulated bodies in the back of my mind and when I see one for 0.99 I have to have it... This time is a foxy Summer Fashionista with a ring... and annoying hoochy red streak...

I was going  to behead her but she actually has quite an interesting strong evening/alternative make-up kind of thing going on... AND I don't have this head-mold, right? (I think)... also I had to save her from these woollen grandma clothes (my daughter loves the pink set but she is 3.5 :-)

Here she is - my first Summer 2010!
left to right recycled plastic envelope and bubble wrap accommodation...
Granny's love - it warms my heart but I so want to save this sassy doll at the same time...

 wolf in a sheepskin
nice surprise underneath (not the winter pants)... and sea of pastel plastic...
 tadaaaa just look at her face<3
There are two shiny red dress and streak dolls but only one has metallic hair and red lips...

 she is part of a very shiny, glitter infused  2012 Rainbow collection / Fashionsitas wave 2
...even dudes have silver and golden accents.

This doll has a very strong face - look what Lara V. Vychuzhanina photography can get out of her!


Let's see what I can get out of her...

first I plucked all of her super-extra hair... added some blush and my first custom nailpolish  <3

here she is redressed enjoying her new life
and loving reds

...and more casual ones too...
...and a good book on this comfy vintage sofa:-)

..yeah, she's into vintage-ish mobiles too...


p.s. she arrived with a stiff Cinderella who already found a new home


  1. Summer looks great without the glittery red streaks in her hair! I have a couple of dolls from this line too and I also pulled out the glitter streaks. She look very relaxed and comfy on that sofa too!

  2. summer wymiata!
    tylko ta twarz
    jest dla mnie
    Summer - choć
    Mattel teraz
    wszystko zmienia...