Saturday, December 23, 2017

Stocktaking Feb 17

Marry Christmas all doll lovers!

A bit end-of-the-year kind of post today...

Last February, during half term I had pleasure to be completely alone at home, for few days between my floristry class and my flight on Tuesday...

I was waking up without a clock (still before 8), staying late at night, crafting, reading, sewing all days... I started my first diorama, opened my dolly birthday gifts left by hubby under his sweater and I finally had an opportunity to have closer look at my collection and to do what many of you doll bloggers do - a group session.

I decided to show only dolls I have washed and redressed, photoshooted and described on this blog by February 2017 so it is a little bit off chronology wise as usually...

It took more space and time than I expected but oh dear, that was fun!

 a disgraceful pile in ikea storage box (I store the vertically so that I can see the head and grab one I need - like a book from a shelf;-)* ...and please please ignore the hideous carpet and ridiculous wall colour - we are renting this house (and should have invested 3 years ago...)

 there we go!

Here they are as a crowd or a waterfall...
as you cannot see much anyway - here they are in sections...
 from the bottom : Superstars, redheads and Leas...
 later Teresas and Christies...
Asha group and other ethnic dolls...
 top rows is category 'Others'... 16" Madame Alexander's, Heart Family, Sunshine Family, Monsters and Livs - they are not accounted in my collection for some reason and its a big big lie....
Then I had this bright idea to 'videotape' them all...shaky and slowly:-)
...just added background music for the first time ever and embedded video on blogger phhefff!

they are short so enjoy 2 encores of my debut <3
its called 'Ugly Carpet and February Light'

I guess it's 78 dolls (and two tiny babies)
not bad at all but I have yet another stock-track from August 2017...there will be more <3
and they will be much better documented and presented. Stay tuned...

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* p.s. my doll library


  1. No nieźle! :) Ale to musiała być zabawa. :)

    Piękna kolekcja. :)

  2. Uzbierało się ich trochę 😊 Wszystkie piękne. Fajny pomysł z przechowaniem na stojąco. Wesołych Świąt 😀

  3. Merry Christmas! You have an impressive dolls army ;-) Christmas hugs!

    1. Thanks! Luckly I am still able to pack them compact on stacked boxes;-) so shhhhhh

  4. teraz wiem, czego
    brakuje w mym domu :
    S C H O D Ó W

    1. bardzo pzrydatna rzecz... mozna takze wielopoziomowo drapowac rzeczy do-wziecia-na-gore-po-drodze...