Monday, December 17, 2018

Bootsale 16.10.17 (165)

Oh good memories... one of last carbootsales of mine before that winter and radical change of circumstances including location:-(


unfortunatelly due to the main laptop failure and strange gap in hard disk archives I cannot access thes epics atm... but below is a list for me to remember:

-2 x Zapf Angelina Ballerina Snow White and Cindirella in clothe sI do hope to adapt for Blanka
-all american Kira
-teen skipper (freckles) - doll no 165
-AA dressed male (robbed of his clotes and shoes as worth much more than 50p
-3 ponies



fixed my laptop! here they are!

hahha where to start...
i absolutely shouln't buy these Lalaloopsies but they are soo quirky and designer... nor the 3 for $1 pony situation...oh well

squeeeee (but managed to resell Gummybear with profit;-)

9blonde beauty at new home now, poor Snow White still waiting for makeover...)

Poor brown-green plastic dude (cant even be bothered to find his name;-) got robbed of his cool clothes - gone but not forgotten xxx

and here she is - Kira and Skipper with freckles and cool dress I use quite often actually...

Skipper turned out to be Pajama Party Tote 2003 - from playset with barbie and sleep-over bag - imagine that!!!!

My Kira turned out to be...All American girl (this one with paper trainers)
but since I have three better ones (and one waiting for some help) and her eyes are crazy turquoise and just huge - i bravely and honorably let her go to a new loving home...

but i have had few beauty hair salon moments with her:

p.s. got myself this ugly vintage German doll - she is perfect! in her own category of blaise creeps...


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  1. Kira z takimi włosami???
    wspaniały nabytek! gratuluję!!!