Saturday, December 29, 2018

Doll's jewelry handmade

Encouraged by a quick fix with Moxie's yellow glass earrings I decided to work on some less spontanious and more classic forms.

Marry Christmas dolls!!!

My first inspiration has been a simple brass chain - off scale for Barbies but great for my bigger dolls (and general 1/3 scale public).

 Who wears it better pt 1;-)

My second set  embraces the opposite elements - an icy, pastel, cool and siver esthetic:

Same set on a different model:

Third one, a necklace, plays with tube shaped metal findings

I would definitely wear these myself...

she is a beauty after all...
 Who wears it better 3...
quite a versatile this one... 

Last but not least... a simlple collection of  'Waters of Nile' seed beads on fancy fine elastic - 
a barcelet and versatile neclace:

Moxie takes the stage...

so much fun!!!

I need to make more asap


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  1. pannica od Madame Alexander kradnie calutki post!!!
    Jej twarz, miedziane włosy i cynamonowe usteczka,
    karmelkowa karnacja - absolutnie do schrupania ♥