Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Automnal Sindy

Happy to announce thata bit over a month after my move I finaly had time an dmental space to start playing with dolls.
Job however not most desirable gave nice rythm to my life again, kids seem to assimilate in new scool surprisingly well (especially since they go there together now, with young one growing up)...

Having a day off mid weekI hit the roadas usual trying to connect the dots of all the new places seen on maps or from the bus.

I slowly strated to realise how lucky I actualy was living in reach of the public bus to Richmond Park and Hampton's Bushy and Home Park - hunting areas of Henrly teh 8t...oh well..

What came as the bigest surpeise and relief was a dscovery that I dont actuay need all of this family outing and roadtrip packaging - being in the nature (and with dolls) is still bringing me purest of joy - nevermind the circumstances or the past... yay!

For my first Surrey session I have chosen the most British of all my dolls I think - the60's Brunette Sindy:-)

Here she is escaping reroot as to my surprise her dreadlock was quite easy to transform into stylish vintage coiffure...

here she is all restyled and redressed and so so happy after who knows how many years...

Hanging out in Hampton Court's Gardens and veggie patch!

This is one fancy garden gate...

Then cycling gracefully we visited already slightly automnal /at the time/ Home Park

Sheis a little shy about it - its been a while for both of us...and the locations is rather prime!

Look at these ideal alleys of trees!

...or this long indeed Long Water (with a fancy fountain - not happening atm;-) )

Little bit of a heap problem but still absolutely the best legs in whole of the toy museum! 

...more cool fences...

even cooler not-so-secret shortcuts...

with horsies!! 

let's finnish with a melancholic portraits...

Thank you Sindy for being my local tourguide!!!


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