Friday, April 28, 2017

86 - MH blue hair

...I know, Monsters are illegal and I shouldn't give her a number but she possessed me completely....and it was about time (three Clawdeens alter;-P)

Luckily enough after being picked up from the latest carboot sale I could cool myself at seaside and shoot few picks of my new treasures - directly after the purchase. How exciting.

You have to forgive me doll's tangled hairstyle but after all she is rocking this dead-body-washed-on-a-beach look of a sea demon, or something...

Absolutely love her colours and make-up palette. I usually avoid blue but this Summery edition is so much fun!

Ghoulia Yelps - Lowestoft Suffolk 2016


 (requested by my son)

/excursion to dunes with escaping explored/

 uhhhhhh the colours! <3 


oh, Summer is nicer than I remembered!


Today's doll is one of Ghoulia Yelp editions. I don't think I like her as a cartoon but her coloring and mold are just great! 
(Judging on tiny dress and a helmet mine was one on a scooter with a fleshy seat and cherry motif - how cool is that! cool as her green lipstick possibly?)

I definitely have my eye set on these...

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  1. ŁO MATKO! zmasowany atak zombiaczek!!!

  2. nie nie, to nie moje. Unikam (ale jednak).
    Foto kradzione co uznalam za oczywiste:-)