Sunday, April 16, 2017

Vintage Barbie

The thing about me collecting dolls is that I seem to dislike the collectibles.
The perfect, boxed and untouchable dolls are beyond boring to me.. I didn't like my spinning ballerina neither...

When I dug this one out from a pile of dolls with a poker face, like 'she is no different to the other blondes you have and rather old' and I payed 50 p for her...

I felt great satisfaction, especially that her  ski jacket and horse-riding pants are from the epoque too...
I love how perfectly her 70's pace, look and coloring is but, apparently, historic thrill is not enough - I had no idea for this tanned blonde at all!

Sunset Malibu Barbie 1971
 when new:

you cannot say from the picture but her hair are horse-like stiff

and here is a 50th anniversary release

so I let her go... here are my goodbye eBay pictures;-)

 famous stamp #patented

 interesting hairline
 and fav tripple click

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  1. You let her go?? She is in really good condition, except for her hair! She will be wonderful find for someone to reroot and touch up her face paint.

  2. I know...but I felt nothing at all and try to save some space/and guilt;-)

  3. niezła gratka - GRATULUJĘ!!!