Monday, April 3, 2017

My Dolls, nr 81 (and 9 more;-)

On 17.07.17 I received a nice and heavy box hiding one of the dolls from my rather modest 'wishlist' - A doll with rooted eyelashes, looking aside and Lea mold - Makeup Chick Lea from 2005. I saw her re-bodied and photographing so when I saw her in $7 set with Superstars I was determined to win the auction.

This is how they were photographed - you can see nothing so I had few nice surprises;-)
Lea looks as if she has dreadlocks

 on top of this wrapping foil mountain I've found free California Barbie shorts times 3!
Each doll came nicely wrapped in bubble foil so it was fun to go through the box...

First emerged this tanned, shiny blondie in baby pink.
I really wanted to ignore all these 'old pre-loved superstars' but curiosity and sentiment won...
Her characteristic light but dated make-up helped me to identify her as 

oh what a heartbreaker! Additionally she is wearing genuine 2000 Fashion Fever Lea's mini dress!

 I curled her hair and keep her in a mass box not being able to sell her just yet;-)

nr 2 was another very familiar doll - platinum blonde, tanned but with super dark eyebrows. I am totally convinced one of my friend's had her...

 she seems to be Riviera doll from 1989 
 nr 3 is a poor baby mermaid, 
even my daughter doesn't want her despite cotton candy pink hair and shiny dress, pfff)

nr 4 turned out to be interesting too... green make-up and confusing (and teared) princess dress
bend elbows and a hole after ring always gets my attention...
 at least three dolls have electric green eyeshadow, single bottom eyelash and funny green triangle on iris... Capri 1990, Cool Looks 10090 and Cute and Cool Barbie 1991;-)

...but there was always one element my great delight the matching doll turned out to be fancy and highly desirable Western Fun 1989 - can you even believe it! I am somewhat very happy and my inner child finds peace;-) Her hair are in a sad state but, ohhh...

nr 5 is wearing funny cotton maiden / housekeeper strippy dress with a white apron (and old metal nap)...she has a lovely huuuge eyes and indigo-emerald make-up..I ma still not 100% sure who she is
somewhere in between on Dress&Fun 93 (Bali Barbie?) but the eyeshadow is barely visible...

nr 6 is a crapy Aurora by Simba. She has a nice mold and hair bit terrible make-up and cheap dress with plastic supporting the skirt..

nr 7 is an interesting Sindy Mermaid. I'm trying to sell her but no one wants her - considering rebodying her and befriending with my brunettes;-)
 There turned out to be few mermaid editions and quite a few dolls (ice skater, ballerina) wearing this plastic flower wreath (attached for ever). There was a turquoise edition as well...

nr 8 is yet another Riviera Barbie, with shortened hair this time, wearing some vintage genuine outfit I keep seeing online (my moxie looks great in it actually - very girly).
nr 9 is some early fashionista I do not wish to identify. She has jointed elbows and knees, smoky eyes and quite well done bangs.. I have sold her head tho, kept body for later and oversized blouse is just perfect for my Paris Williams (10")
LAST BUT NOT LEAST - the reason of this old doll's carnival;)

Make-up Chic Lea 2005

She is missing some lipstick and her hands are chewed, but I already have a new body for her as she is a fab model!
Here she is as a new doll. To my surprise she is still wearing her original dress and 12 years later her hair is pulled back by the original elastic. Poor girl:-(

 and yes..there are three more elegant dolls with a side glance and eyelashes...(and many accessories)

Barbie totally dull, but Teresa and AA are to die for (hairclips!)...

one day...

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  1. Lea i Tereska patrzące w bok
    zdobyły w mig me serducho!!!

  2. Wow, that box held quite a lot of dolly treasures! Can't wait to see them after you clean them up and redress them!