Monday, April 24, 2017

Nr 85 in progress

I stumbled upon this one in a huge basket of softies - articulated leg spotted immediately... I don't care about Disney dolls but this body was interesting and mold can always be repainted, right?

She turned out to belong to Disney's limited / special edition 18" articulated and singing dolls.
Mine has dead batteries and hair in such a bad condition that I won't feel much guilt...

At this point I think I have another head for this body but let's examine this terribly cute Aurora (oh, forgot she even had her dress):

her body looks like that:

 and in comparison with regular 'Barbie'
she isn't very easy to pose - rather stiff and heavy...

 you can see and hear her in more detail on ToyBoxPhilosopher's blog...
few tribute shots before she will be changed for ever....


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