Thursday, April 20, 2017

My dolls - nr 84

At the same boot sale (17.07) I have purchased one doll with the Teresa mold as well.
It's not the best incarnation of her - princess, supermarket edition, Barbie movie doll, but I saw her many times on-line and let go few times on carboot. This one was clean and needed to be saved.
She needs few make-up tips me thinks, as well (brrr). One cannot deny however, that her long, wavy, auburn hair ain't fantastic and unusual for this face sculpt!

This is how she came to me - 
in cheap oversized wedding dress and with messy braids and plastic fairy tiara

 princessy make-up - check;-)
 glitter and stuff in grooves;-)
 not even sure if it's some out-worldy mattel fairy styling or some kid's work...
 here she is 'untangled' again...
and after spa:
 she really reminds me of someone here...
What a difference already...

Here she is few weeks later wearing modern flower fairy outfit, with pearly shimmer on lips neutralized a bit and pinkness of her eyeshadow darkened with a basic pencil...


As a new doll she looked like that:

 it the same Swan Lake line came out Odette Barbie and AA edition...

 oh..and a lighting up 'magikal' stuff..

and some video samples /brace yourself)...


  1. You did a very nice job with her! She looks good as a modern day princess!

  2. Thanks. Poor mass-produced girl;-) She has a lots of flower to look after at mine...