Saturday, May 5, 2018

Christie's - close-ups

On 13.05.17 as my chronicle says I've been 'manipulating' and comparing my vintage-ish Christies which ended up in a mini study and appreciation mini photo shot.... a return of the classics...

my Florida Splash, Jewel hair Mermaid and Atlanta Gymnast

have I stated in my last post how Lara might be my fav mold after Lea, most probably... well I love old Christie and Teresa too, hmmmmm A LOT!

hahah crazy girls:-)

my two-left-legged gymnast is still amongst my all tiem favs!
 oh no! selfies time!!!

I got these crazy looking flower earrings from carboot sale Audrey from Descendants (guess i skipped this hunt...) - Christie is a crazy marmaid after all with her rainbow make-up....

if she can handle that she can surely rock Shani's African style geometric, metallic and sooooo 80's coat...and golden pumps - obviously!!!

hahaha I love her!


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  1. I love girls AA. Old facemold "Christie" is the best of all! :-)