Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Piknik etno

 Exactly one year ago, on one fresh sunny Spring day I've made this series of photos called 'Picnic' for the May pages of doll's forum calendar.
I would not be myself if it was yellow, pink and blossom..
Here are my three beautiful unusual Mattel's brunettes in mix of ethnic and army clothes - my kind of girls;-):

Chinese Midge, Pocahontas and Esmeralda

before they deserved a rest and some snacks they threw few poses obviously...

yay for the team red lipstick!

mmm sun...

oh well.. there was not much to eat...

(sooo stiff <3)

but you can always photoshop some...



  1. Wspaniały zestaw oryginalnych lalek :-) Kocham takie etniczne klimaty :-)

  2. Śliczne panny, styl etno i piknik w plenerze świetnie im pasuje :)

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  4. każdy dzień jest dobry
    na pokazanie lalek ETNO!