Thursday, May 17, 2018

May extravaganza

Yes, this is not supposed to happen but hey - when I see doll which may pass unappreciated and is definitely underpriced I cannot control myself;)

This way I got myself my second Model Muse (after BHF bundle) with Mackie face and accidentally, I swear - the last doll of the Hairtastic series;-) AND sporty Teresa Fashionista as a potential donor;-)
Stiff Cindirella with molded gloves!? was send to my daughters nursery - my conscious is clean and doll is actually circulating happily, hopefully;-)
All this below 10 with shipping...

The charming blonde turned out to be 2013 Christmas Barbie (25th Anniversary).
As much as I sort of liked her snowflake inspired silvery dress and fancy evening make-up - I immediately knew I would not be inspired by her in anyway (so i have done an awful thing - sold dress, head and spare shoe - separately;-)

Her hair were extremely greasy and make-up too heavy for my liking...

her shoe was tragically tangle into her hair - but a nice surprise (my first and last model muse shoe)

dress was pretty cool and very well done but haw many obviously wintery and obviously chritsmasy photos can one adult collector take;-)


Teresa was just awful. Dress was cleverly designed and fun as idea of glam sporty but glittery and blah blah...

blah blah!


and last but not least ....Hairtastic who is totally unacceptable....
but i love her and she is sooo kawaii...

all three
I 'accidentaly discovered tehre is few more long haired stiffies with open mouth- 
pastel ones and ones with glittery hair...

there was balloon headed Nikki as well-)

I gave my Candy Floss girl a good wash, shared all fashion bits with my daughter...

before and after

she even made few pastel friends already (tbc)

in more challenging kawaii styling i hope