Saturday, June 1, 2019

Muse of charity (No 179) is good.
My new story is slowly unrolling.
in late October/ early Nov 2018 i started to date a little and sorted my new flat enough to host visit of my dear friends attending wedding in London...

I even managed to keep my head and heart a bit off dolls... but then one day...when that woolly jacket has been waiting for you and is now half-price and it IS a sign... and then in children section from underneath tangled disney dolls you see a leg still wearing a shoe sticking out and waving to you... your great disbelieve you pullout a Mackie faced doll on a frickin Model Muse body...and then another one! - again - i love you spoiled children of SW London:-)

Even if naked they have this flair of exclusivity... I proudly carried them together with my new coat through all the Kingston and to the most amazing whole school of ours puppet show ever....


again I am unable to find pictures from the day of their arrival... except of these roroDolls Insta pics

here she is with her fab cherry nailpolish, satine owder pink panties, golden eyeshadow and show-stopping eyeliner!...for only 3.50 my great surprise and honour - the most blaise Mackie...her majesty:

Baribe Top Model Resort 2007

her nude sandals still have pink flower details made of leather:-)

...mmmmm i need to retouch her empty icy eyes i guess...

such a lush blond superstar!!!!


the other Good-girl Mackie:
the fair, platinum Birthday Wishes 2014 doll went to new loving home...

by papusile mele

more (((((here)))

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