Sunday, June 30, 2019

My dolls, No (181)

End of last year broght me a surprise.

During random charity shops run on 29.12.18  i had a great privilege to spend £3.50 on a beautiful but mysterious doll...

Fluffy dress is a bit of a shock for my system but face is so natural and full of promise... was collectible crotch LOL

mystery solved:

The Wizard of Oz™ Glinda The Good Witch

Pink Label®
Designed by: Linda Kyaw
Release Date: 2/8/2013
Facial Sculpt:Billie Burke (Celebrity sculpt) NEW FACE.
Seventy-five years ago, Dorothy Gale soared over the rainbow and found herself in the glorious Land of Oz. Barbie® Collector celebrates The Wizard of Oz gold-and-diamond anniversary with an exquisite series of dolls.
  For the first time ever, the doll is sculpted in vinyl in the likeness of Billie Burke, the actress who portrayed Glinda.

- that explains her fab realistic yet vintage look...

here is a still from a movie...

I might even forgive that dress

oh my....*

and here a full line of 2013 dolls:

poor Ken...

oh wait...there was several editions....guess Dorothy is a thing for many many people;-)

a high end one on Model Muse bodies:

 with very fashionable and desirable Dorothy indeed ...

oh! earlier and simpler one with good old Mackie :

..oh and a Silkstone?...or maybe these are ooaks only LOL

...oh wait....and a Superstar with rooted eyelashes as well?!

oh, 1996 Hollywood Legends Collection...

...Disney also had something to say....


...i must say i love the bad witch...if only she wasn't soooo green;-)


...this doll makes me think about the gorgeous dolljunk blog/insta/tmblr

he has plenty of adorable freaks of all sorts:

[and i love how he makes me not guilty, like at all, with my doll numbers...


* dress got resold as it was too good for my kitsch loving daughter;-)


  1. zielonoskóra ekipa robi wrażenie:
    mnie zaintrygowała pannica o włosach
    blue ale w pasiastej bluzce i apaszce
    pod szyją - jaki to jest mold???????

  2. Glinda z pierwszych fotek -
    absolutnie do zakochania!!!