Thursday, December 22, 2016

more Lives

...right after my boot sale 50p magic bag...the following week I made this silly thing of wanting moooorrreee and even setting the alarm clock around the time of putting my kids to sleep...

oh well, fortunately I won and now i really have to sell all the Katie stuff LOL

Here they are on the day of arrival...
lovely mummies....
close-up <3
this green eyed - neutral lips beauty is Hayden
and a lovely version of Alexis with make-up stronger than usual :-)

Hayden in her original outdoor outfit looks so good I would buy her again (which obviously makes a lot of sense to most of collectors, right). Oh and I would wear it all myself:-))) wellies and flannel are killers - proper Canadian doll:-)

 Alexis' lips are a bit overthetop and drag;-) but the overall effect and the line of 'Schools out' dolls is nice too /amazing shoes!/:

They waited for moths - from Spring till Autumn only to be published in Winter;-P
When i came back to play and sew I got this mixed feeling again - 1. how can anyone chop off this head and use them for rebodying Barbes. 1 a. their heads are actually too big. 2. oh, I think I love my Moxie tees more /in category articulation + acrylic eyes). 3. their body is too light in comparison to vintage rubber Mattel... and it annoys me. 4. oh I love my Livs! 
or something along these lines of collectors logic ;-)

My Alex:




hypnotizing bulb heads!

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