Friday, December 16, 2016

Purple garden - Hairtastic Barbie restyled

That was a one fruitful outdoor session.
My happily articulated purple haired beauty gets a new life - and a new set of clothes for the beginning of her journey. Casual, weekend outdoor clothing...nothing glamorous..
Cotton Barbie revolution, or sth...

 lazy but dignified in salad bushes
 at her walled garden
pensive by radishes
 daring by strawberries
 waiting for dzus to come
 close-up with a flower please!
 neon colors despite of white t-shirt!

 oh yes, matchy matchy!

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  1. Some really beautiful photos here! Your doll looks very happy!

  2. urocza i jakie fajne ma
    migotania w patrzałkach!

  3. a rzeczywiscie! ciale nei wiem co o niej myslec, taka nowa... mam nawet podle mysli o odebraniu jej ciala;-)