Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rusty and earthy pt 1

Today something tottaly season unapropriate... I just like cover and wrap my dolls in earthy, warm colors...but wait, maybe they are just having some last minute holidays...

These three together are a perfect trio - divers, colorful and fashionable!
mint green shed is also sooo shabby chic:-)

chatter, chatter, chatter
                                                                oh hello!

Oh well, I think I will split this post in two to give each doll her time and space:-)

Christie has a priority - still one of my favs:-)

Her session evolved from 'wondering around courtyards in my ethnic skirt'...

to still-life with 'exotic' plants

red-focused portrait

Relaxing on a grass classic

admire my two tonned hair again!

to exploration of veggie garden and becoming Mother Nature embodiment




  1. z fasolkami wygląda jak z niedojrzałymi
    bananami - uroczy pysiałek z całą resztą!

  2. strasznei sympatyczna - zaskakuje milo z akazdym razem - grzywke ejtisowa wybaczam..