Sunday, December 4, 2016

Charity Crystals / No 55/

Charity shopping is being at the right place in a right time...
and its always a good time to save a vintage Superstar, because why not.

a true delicatessen of my childhood and almost a forbidden fruit...

Now she is mine, sticky, with honey blonde shortened hair and purple eyes!
The hypnotizing pupils and bend elbows do things to me obviously:-)

With a kind help of Lunarh (who is also takes responsibility for 'superstar-with-purple-eyes' sensitivuty syndrome) I managed to identify her in comparison to my 'other' one...

Yes, the piercing eyes belong to the classic, holy Graale Crystal Barbie 1983 .
She was so popular there are several versions depending on place of production:
here she is in her glory - with necklace, long earrings and lovery curls

mine however has a quite good looking (apres spa) asymetrical bob and some nasty scars on tighs...
 but she is mine now:-)
she has so much natural retro charm she cam sport lace ribbon only improvised outfit

I also used her numerous times to model for my eBay sales
here she is in a vintage velvety coat

I usually don't feel any preasure to hunt for original outfits as I don't think Mattel is any kind of god, but this time I was tempted for the very first time. On purpouse - got her her original dress on eBay straight from London:-)

oh my! really?
 with a cape instead of a boa - made from a vintage Fleur or even Petra/Diana wedding vail
a happy end

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  1. She is quite the beauty! I can't believe you were able to find the original dress! I do wonder how she got the scars on her legs. Was she runover by her owner's brother's truck???? Leaves something to the imagination, doesn't it! If only they could talk and tell us there stories.

  2. ..more like scratched with edge of a remove paint or sth...oh nevermind - she is safe now /i even got her jewelry from even more dead body/
    Also - i am under impression that there is quite a lot of 89's dresses on british ebay in untagged mixed lots too