Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rusty and Earthy 2

Today I will focus on rest of the funky /not so fancy/ trio...

Hairsalon Surprise Teresa - restyled and Lara / Rayla - restored and restyled.

this skirt does not do wonders to her waist obviously:-)
 how not to pose - how to pose...
 plating with cool blue tones
 doing that thing with the hair to become ash blonde:-)
with a really good make-up
 botanical aberration is a must
 romantico classico in nice colours

...and now the time has come for Lara's spectacular overthetop hairdo...

 very curly curls..will have to check what else I can do...
 love the colours but not sure if this gives justice to this doll... 
always better than Queen of Clouds thingie...
 hair * hair *  hair * hair *  hair * hair *  hair * hair *  hair * hair *  hair * hair *  hair * hair *

**  *** **


  1. jejuĊ„ciu! jaka ta Twoja Lara cuuudnaaa!!!

  2. supermarketowa-kreskowkowa pieknosc - i ty mozesz uratowac jedna ;-)