Monday, March 5, 2018

April Extravaganza 2 - No. 142

I decided to split my 'April Extravaganza' in three separate posts - one for each parcel.
It would be too long to handle and I want to celebrate each of these dead dolls individually and at fullest LOL

Today part 2 - my doll No 142.
After enjoying ginger Doughnut Fashionista and purple-haired cat-Skipper (+ curly Coral Fashionista who still is waiting for an inspiration and a body...) I felt a little bit of charm coming from this youthful face placed on an adult doll body... So I got my self one more because that totally makes sense in doll collector's world, right?

 oh how I love packages - I would love to work at post office one day, I swear and I even keep the word after working as a Christmas temp/casual in UK for several weeks;-)
 This sender is very experienced yet the cereal box is annoyingly soft at the same time...
 more exciting recycled wrapping inside lOL

Again super cheap one - judging on wobbly knee joints, pink streak and lavender eye irises she must me 'Bike for two' 2010 Skipper... also she came with some 'stuff' I now have my eye on as a proud owner of supplies for diorama LOL

 my 3.5 yo daughter will be happy with these...

the highlight isn't too annoying and her eye colour is great!
She really reminds me my niece when she was younger too, funny

she came with flat shoes, her knees are completely loose - 
I think I will make a percussion instrument from her... 
Blue tagged panties are sth new for me. Cute.

This is how she looked brand new and in a box with Chelsea...

and here you can watch them in action:

Again after months (like 9 of them! o_0) here she is rebodied at last and with some 'colour correction' or at least shading... She is fair but quite yellow so after some 'deliberation' I have her (not the best) Liv body. It is still a bit petite and keeps the original teen character...

 top, throusers and the wicker chair are from the dolls chronology future again (do don't look;-)...


The second doll in this mail was caucasian Flava's doll I hoped to restyle and befriend with my Kioni doll...she turned out to be super ugly and so slutty that I listed her on ebay (stealing few of her musical hiphop accessories...)

she had a necklace and old elastics in her almost brand new hair... 
but proportions of her body is too annoying...

She is 'Happy D' character but mine, luckily had red handbag which I find rather stylish!!!

Here they are as found on eBay: 

No idea what is that blue thingy...and I must check where is this cool hairbrush nowadays...

p.s. again I really love the street look idea and first attempts in ethnic diversity but something went wrong here... they are very taste-less pimps and hookers and terribly dated tbh...

 guy's clothes are pretty cool and number of male dolls is rather impressive tbh...

here is a nice try in restyling, rerooting and repainting Flavas dolls by magical dolls 2006 


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  1. fajnie, że pokazałaś majciochy Skipper -
    nie wiedziałam, że ma takie "firmowe"

    flavaska ma piękne dłonie!!!
    u mnie większość - na ciałkach
    pulchnych panienek PLUS :)))

    ha! wciąż poluję na białowłosą
    flavaskę z szarymi oczami :)