Tuesday, March 6, 2018

April Extravaganza 3 - Doll Nr 143

Oh dear...

So third part of this doll-downward spiral is here... yet again - three poorly described dolls...
One with Nichelle face sculpt (I ONLY have one like that, you know), one Kelly from Beverly Hills who's face I find very lively and photogenic and third - very dark skinned doll which is always a good  thing in case you end up with a spare head, you know;-)

crappy ebay pic

So that was the plan - I missed the delivery time (school pick-up most probably) so I had to wait for convenient, booked re-delivery... When I finally got the package into y hands it looked like a chicken leg or bouquet of dolls;-)

I picked up the 'boring' Caucasian one and to my Surprise it wasn't Kelly at all... I'd normally be happy with fashionista body but this one is loose beyond imagination...
very dusty and cigarettes smelling order in general :-(

She has got the ugliest contoured lips...but i will try to recycle her dress - barbie themed fabric is actually fab (and not-so-pink)

Then I went for my Nichelle... She if my actual doll nr 142 - Butterfly art Christie (I bet)... she is super worn' out... some 'scars' on her face... so I had no second thoughts if I should remove her pink tattoo...(for your information - it was very difficult with the regular polish remover I use for doll faces and a 'scarification' style mark left... I like her light make-up

it was a fun idea and crocheted hippie tops are very cool.. 
I love her highlights - hope she will bloom again in my sanctuary;-)
Kira is amazing but Mackie (who I am still trying to resale) is annoying...

Here is my second Nichelle after double spa, tattoo removal session and rorodolls redressing :

The last doll I was very curious of is very clone-like unfortunately and her face is not too cool...

Her face is nice, serious and intense...
but body has different shade of brown, head is rather flat and she is shedding her hair...

I guess her make-up was mean to mimic the gorgeous 
Barbie Best Models on Location Milan Model Muse AA Lara ;-)

I will need to tone her down and definitely re-root or a wig for this one...

I don't think I am able to identify her... there are many African dolls on on AliExpress wearing 'ethnic' clothes... even one of Integrity dolls are similar...




  1. Śliczne ciemnoskóre lalki! Uwielbiam!

  2. Super zdobycze. Czekam jak je zaprezentujesz odmienione po domowym SPA :)

  3. wspaniale się zaopiekowałaś pannicami!
    kobitka z turkusowym otokiem - CZAD!!!