Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bootsale discoveries

today i prepared a story about a little monster - another discovery-on-a-plate so to speak... surprising yet obvious...While at car boot sale... she got my attention with 1. purple hair, 2. articulated body 3. acrylic eyes, 4.she had clothes an dshoes on, 5. price 50p is worth spending for rebodying or re-paint option always;-)

quite an exciting set of colours (matching another of my 50 p purchase):

not so mysterious anymore:
to make a long story short - she is MGA Entertainment production or Bratz goes Monster High cause she is a commercial bitch...
 black magic and tattoos, uuuuuu
she turned out to be called Yasmina (and has few editions - this is wave 2) - Magic night out:

Clothes happily sold already... her body is a bit stiff and wobbly at the same time.. not even close to Loiv / fashionista yet with large MH feet... hair are quite wonderful with three shades of purple...
and 'animalistic' amber/honey eyes too... (ok, metallic cherry lipstick as well):

she, again, had to wait for months is a waiting-box;-) 
she seems to have quite a potential an da fan-base too...

I removed her make-up and tattoo and was quite pleased with how 'japanese' and 'alienesque' she looked...

I was very shy with my 'painting' this time...TBC

so innocent out of a sudden!

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  1. te oczy potrafią nieźle bajerować!
    nie myślałam, że z takiej niuni
    można jeszcze tyle wykrzesać...