Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Superstar - Doll nr 53

Today a study of Benetton Barbie and her renovation I mentioned a post ago.

Despite arriving as a headless chewed freebie I decided to dedicate her a special post. After all the is a classic - one of these dolls I had tattooed at the back of my mind with the fire of desperate desire and unsatisfied trauma... and, no - there is no exaggeration - this is how child perceives window shopping... I remember that even in Poland there was few from her line available which only tortured me more... I remember tropical line, essp Miko with her amazing hair, just standing behind the window glass - out of reach!

There is nothing new I can say...amazing colorful doll with red lips and super long cramped hair! Perfect and unique in her way... Lets feed our eyes once again... as a therapy for gray November days maybe:-0

They must have been a great success as Mattel produced second wave (red earrings on Barbie)

they repeated the same trick in 2000s with Fashion Fever - these dolls cause serious fights on ebay when spotted boxed...

and here a true eye candy - modern dolls in vintage clothes <3

My journey starts with a very successful operation on neck and less spectacular work on hair - case of dry fizzy hair unfortunately despite three sessions and tone of 'product' of different nature:-)

 ..what counts is that you can still see the original hairstyle and earrings are in tact..

She waited few months in a queue only to get the most superb treatment so far... I decided to recreate her original outfit. So instead of restyling her I made strongly inspired - colour and fashion-wise items...which is a topic for a separate entry ofc:-)

extras existing for  r.e.a.l. ....


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  1. super starka zamkniętousta -
    ta z karmelkową grzyweczką -
    absolutnie do schrupania ♥