Sunday, November 6, 2016

Superstar - Dolls no 52

On May the 1st I have been very lucky doll-wise again. Remember one car boot sale was just a disaster so we went to the other one too - I had a fast scan and came back with bag of dolls...
This should be title of my blog actually...maybe.

Literally at the first spot was an elderly couple with three Superstars.
I was just happening to hit my Superstar phase - read too many blogs and remembered all the models I ever wanted LOL.. and here they are... Three unloved dollies - one with broken neck but obviously a Benetton Barbie with blue hoops and red lips, one with shiny wavy hair with a tiara still attached to the original hairdo and her - platinum blonde with purple eyes and SET of DIAMOND jewelry and original, I presumed, pink and silver lace tights O_0...
(yes I lied to myself I will get her cheap only to get the glitzzzz)

After classic scene of extended examination and disappointment on the face I got third one for free as Benetton girl had the 'short neck syndrome' and chewed-flat hand...

bag interior...

 all saved Superstars (oh dear, they have so much many memories):

and the diamond queen I could not let to lay in a disgrace even one more day...

 counting eye lashes...
/dated/ hairline and earring, squeeee
signature (1966, Malaysia) and THE lace
identified by lovely purple-eyed Superstar lover - Lunarah as 
Pink Jubilee 1987, Walmart's 25th anniversary /!/

 my internal 7 tear old is delighted!

her outfit proves to be rather versatile (and barbie pink, brace yourselves ;-)
 you can see a little bit of lace tights here and there so they are originals probbaly never taken off for nearly 30 years....

here is full length photo of her before and after
 after spa wearing vintage doll clothes - 
hand-me down unidentified wedding dress and once super fluffy Fleurs fur ...
the other doll I identifies myself thank to tiara as

My First Princes 1989
/stolen pictures, yeah!/

Despite buying her nude I accidentaly, months later got two vintage Sindies - one of them was wearing her princess dress!..which was so unexpected I only noticed it at home..

I was strong enough to put her for sale as too pink, princessy and childish, you know..


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  1. różowe rajstopki rozbawiły mnie -
    Sindusi nadal nie udaje mi się

  2. barbiowe az oczy bola - przekazalam Pink&pretty /czy tam pretty in pink bo moja pogubila elementa garderoby.../ale to bedize pol roku pozniej ze takpowiem:-)