Thursday, November 3, 2016

My doll No 51

Once upon a time on Monday morning I've been coming back from a school drop off and just to have clear consciousness (or not), out of greed and curiosity) I just popped into local charity... and there she is...or maybe it was Friday afternoon - it didn't make much sense anyway...

Doll in a full outfit, with unusual haircolour, shoes! and articulated one..she is just sitting there (waiting for me obviously) with a price tag £1... I just grabbed her, payed, squeezed into mu purse and rushed home...

Obviously a horseriding outfit, genuine Barbie clothes, high boots I always dreamed about and this tottaly amazing amazing skin shade and auburn / hazelnut / idunno hair colour!

 make-up is basically brown and lipstick is dark nude... all that on Superstar face!
 graceful and very well posing:-)
so good and natural looking!
I was so impressed with this body that I forgot Holiwood nails has the same type of body already...

'Thank you for saving me. I am all yours'!

It wasn't too difficult to find out that its a 1997 Horse-riding Barbie...
She came boxed alone riding on a cardboard or in a gift set with a nice horse.

Mine is option 2 as I have found one  bow pin in her hair, yay!
Can't wait to restyle her - amazing potential in those colors!!


[she waited few months for her session - TBA]

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