Tuesday, November 29, 2016

adventures in rebodying 2

So I have finally joined the club of rebodying and swapping healthy bodies only to improve the articulation. My charity shop fashionista was not only slightly loose - she also had cracked neck...
I had to manipulate a little bit with the anchor so sh eis slightly stiffer than usual in the are, oh well...

I gave my Fiery hair Firytopia Lenara (Lea / Kayla face) 2009  some hair spa as I felt I improved a lot;-)

Here is the journey...

 a perfect match
 amazing realistic, contemporary face out of a sudden!

body positive wearing my hand-made lingerin:

***   **  ***


  1. I can only imagine how happy she is with her new body! I mean, she must have felt soooo limited in her original purple body with those things coming out the side and the embossed ornamentation! She can now jump for joy with her new articulation and sporting her beautiful new undies!

  2. haha, exactly...
    she's gonna be my favourite for ever and ever - surprised how 'strong' she is every time i get her out...

  3. Wiewióra rządzi - zwłaszcza w takim dessou :)))