Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My dolls, nr 54 aka ZZ

As some of you might have notice - in that green bag from last post was something more... loassic case of a pile of dolls in far end of bootsale blanket...on the bottom, face down - Christie just waiting for me:-) £1.50 at max...

She was wearing a genuine. casual polka dot dress and had characteristic yellow Z in the pupils of her eyes..very characteristic and dated...on her wrist she was wearing classic silicone spring bracelet/hair accessory...for a moment i thought she might even be from the Wild'n'wet team...

Her make-up is strong but works - electric green eye shadows, orange-red lipstic and really lot of blush which i love, love!

Here she is all poor and dusty /and out of focus/,..

with amazing sun kissed high quality long hair!
This is what happens when no one is touching a doll 
- they start to look like vinyl stiffies with empty eyes:-(
This is how this lady looked when she was brand new. Fonts are just so pleasing on this box!
Everything is vivid green - this make-up makes sense;-)... lovely hawaiian grass skirt, sunglasses and stylish jelly sandals to enjoy seashore...

I traditionally decided to cover her up in some cosy woolies...
just a sneak peak today...

She seriously is glowing with happines...

zzzzzz <3


  1. urocza - i jak fajnie te grafitowe
    jak rozgwieżdżona lawa korale -
    pasują do urody pogodnej Christie :)

  2. a dziekuje, zdarlam z jakiegos pzrypadkowego trupka i jak znalazl - takie neutralne a blyszczace:-)