Thursday, October 4, 2018

DreamHouse no more

As usual when I make a conscius decission and effor to avoid new dolls a despicable charity shoo situation occures... like on this afternoon spent with my daughter off-nursery... casually strolling through smelly local charity...and bam!
I think I see THE BOOTs I always wanted.... but wait... its not just randomly dressed abandoned doll... actualy wait, two of them! Semi legendary Glam Look Fashionistas from the Barbie Dream House era... in like fuuulllll set of clothes and most of accessories still attached wth elastics... some of these are truly legendary... what is wrong with nowadays children and consumption patterns!

all of this mine for 2.50 each!
I have been super tuff tho and have just stollen their bodies and resod heads;-)

 silly dolls in fab clothes <3

 oh eyes and this necklace!

Kept my bootsale Teresa untouched however and learnt to likre her mold actually
 (when not gliterry and sporty)

...and the shoes of a decade! is the-other-new-Teresa resurected at spa!
Dressed down and pink lips turned into trendy orange-red...

what a handsome green-eyed beast!

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