Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bootsale 23.04.17 - No. 144,145

That was a good one. Nice weather, early raising up so that I managed to tour both carboot sales - the grassy farm one as well as the P+R one. yay!

It was again definitely worth the effort.

Not only that I got new Lego 3in1 for my son and fun vintage spelling game - I also got myself fab stylised idyllic printed in England fabric and a doll seize amount of a great forest fruits one! Tried luck with reselling collectible macdonalds toys. This fabulous brown ethnic printed top is my Jean Paul Gautier for 2 pounds! It's so cool i'd wear it daily!
...and as you can already see I had some dolly luck as well...

So first I got Hollywood Hair Barbie figurine for like 20 p....
Then I was walking around this Tropical Ken several times.... i don't care about this mold and tanned blonde dolls obviously...but the fact that I have Christie from this line and his pants are from the same fabric got me gender play happy;-) [none of my dolls never smell of any super cool coconut:-/]

In a mean time, short on money as usually I stumbled upon stall with many dolls and a teenage seller. I tried so hard not to get carried away and managed to get only with this exciting sachet of her doll accessories:-)

 after I unpacked and sorted everything t looked like that <3
 close-ups :-)

 nom nom nom

I came back to pick up Ken for his pants only and lady reduced it for me to 50 p LOL

Next I have found Extreme Green Teen Skipper again. I regretted slightly being so strict about this blonde beauty the last time - I decided not to resale but to reroot this one (my doll no. 144). She has dark eyebrows and platinum blonde dry hair I cannot stand anyway:-)

 She has both earrings and ring intact.. unfortunately I didn't have time to do anything with her since last Spring so just a pic in original clothes:

Soon after I spotted an Olsen sister. I have read about her on blogs for so many times I actually got the bug... her face is so realistic:-))) I'll 'naturally' rebody her...
Her salmon-copper overalls turned out to be part of skiing MyScene set - the one with brown winter jacket taht came with one of the latest Livs...

I am a good girl and i still do not own her sister or any other of the versions... they are very cool dolls and so are the real ever-changing sisters but no no;-)


The similarity is uncanny..
can't identify however which Ashley edition is wearing black ribbon choker...

There obviously was Miko as well. I got one before from eBay but I was still delighted to find such a desired and old doll just waiting there...she has slightly broken neck but wears very cool casual vintage clothes:-) I will keep here for a while as a double for a pure pleasure of owning the doll of my childhood dreams and will let her go to new loving home:-)

p.s. Sneakpeek from the future...Asley (doll no. 145) ended up on Liv's body and had her outdoor session too


Sunday, March 18, 2018

My diorama

The day has come...
Daddy was making... well I can't even remember what...let's say fixing a hole in our wardrobe - 3 years after our vintage mirror got broken during move from Luxembourg to Cambridge... anyway - (now I remember we changed carpet from our toilet (i know!?) to PCV and it needed a new even surface!) - anyway he got two 'sheets' of lovely thin plywood... and happen to have lots of square and triangle-shaped leftovers... I might have battle or two over it with my own kids, but hello!!!!

I managed to negotiate a triangle and two rectangles - three of these will make my future folding flat doll corner...

From the leftovers we crated a kitchen/dining table - a bit too tall a bit too heavy - a glue gun extravaganza... to cover imperfection I painted it mint green using leftovers of our shed paint...

Later on I used a drawing paper roll and white glue to cover the walls. I'd loove some patterned fabric but thought this will be more versatile. Humidity of glue made paper all wrinkled after drying up which gave it a nice texture I guess.
It's all very improvised and low budget but still lots of fun, no overthinking and nice final effect:-)

Floor got covered several times with an oldchool floor polishing paste - smell of childhood and Christmas! It darkened the wood exposing its natural patterns.

Luckily my new diorama gave me some brand new opportunities and temptations in charity shops and carboot sales excursions... Barbie scale miniatures, dishes, furniture, decor and accessories...

My first furniture was a bed made of mini wooden Christmas hamper/cheese box turned upside down. Thick scarlet fabric made a padded matters...

My first shelving was plexi pcv perfume/nail polish storage unit - now a piece of modern, minimal furniture - perfectly presenting mini collections of floating objects...
Five'oclock sleeves as records, miniatire perfumes and modern doll house classic - metal chair for mobile...

I also deconstructed and repainted some dog grooming plastic accessory. There you go - a stylish antic piece of furniture:-)

I love all the mini stories you can tell now - other than redressed doll standing and looking nice;-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Livs & accessories OOPsie...

ok ok..
no excuse...
Again just out of curiosity... I typed 'Liv doll' into eBay's search engine and there there.. actual bundle with clothes, shoes and accessories... I went slightly above my budget but still 'value for money' is amazing:-) and satisfaction of winning was there:-))

Well just look at that...

They were part of this pile for a while as I punished myself fighting greed with patience LOL

but once when I had some peace and quite between studying floristry, eating and school runs I slowly opened it and enjoyed every bit and shade of colour <3


There has been lots of stuff of which I once got rid off, but that was before my doll thing got really messy - now I have fab in-scale accessories again...
and some more...
and this amazing backpack which i suspect belongs to MyScene boy but can't find it now...

Doll wise...even the least favorite Sophies were exciting (despite being fair-skinned)...
one of them was wearing Brazillas denim clothes with steam punk googles and rather goth boots...

- other one came in a pink but very well done jacket, coll scarf, amazing fashionable indigo denim jeans with flowers and what I always love the most - long sleeved stripy t-shirt <3

and can you even believe it!! she had shoes on - golden wedged mary-janes, with her feet still protected with factory foil!!??

oh dear.
Then came 'another' Katie in 'another' hannah montana cardigan with 'another' blonde wig... but wait! I think I love this wig (my re-selling skills have gone to hell!)
at last, there was her...exactly the same as my 2nd Live ever - Alexis with fab dark, cherry-red lips:-)

This has been wearing unbelievable good copper brown winter jacket with (brown not barbiewhite<3) fur and velvety burgundy scarf<3
 hypnotizing! I am not chopping this head off ever!
 I easily identified jacket as belonging to Chillin Out MyScene doll (together with snowboard)

my most beloved padded blue jacket was from the same line btw!

oh well - no numbers here... I love all the stuff. SpinMaster is such a good fashion designer... Their fashion packs cost fortune and are hard to find in Europe anyway:-) I can't even start finishing Liv doll make-ups comparison... except of Katie they all have really sophisticated casual palette
I want all of them or at least those shoes!!!!

and the final YAY!!!


btw. just look what a difference clothes and wig can make - two Sophies being a lovely lesbian couple <3



Fund it! its Walmart only - so called 'Sophie Purse Outfit' with human size accessory.
It's a set - with a doll and a wig - never played with, just hair swapped, oh lala