Monday, June 18, 2018

Moxies restyled

Do you remember these two beauties?

 Here they are in June 2017, more chilled, boho edition...

Trendy khaki and yellow Tamar

And fruity Malwina in the cutest Liv wig ever!

 into the wild
 oh so photogenic!

and together 

oh how lovely... miss these so much - most of my dolls are semi packed due to highly 
probable move to London

...few more close-ups of Tamar redressed...


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bootsale 11.06

And now back to my mini shopping spree..aka carboot.
I didn't thing at the time I got too lucky but from the but from the perspective I now do think that most of these items has a big part in my doll world...

I've only mate it to one sale but it has been rather eventful...

From non-doll-related things - strawberry handbag, Boden strippy cardigan, painted clay olive lamp, and indigo top for me, hairband, two blue mugs and some more magnets for my boy...

As you can see I was quite lucky furniture wise... there is chest of drawers, dome flower boxes / seats, folk stripy carpet AND vintage, puffy, red, 'leather' Sindy sofa...

I wanted this one for was in a huuuge box full of other vintage Sindy furniture....10.00 in total but I managed to negotiate and split the set...I have this strange moment of sanity...that i don't need another box of faded plastic not the camper... ugh.... I could obviously resale it but being on bicycle discouraged me completely. Very proud of my self I left with 'only what i wanted'...

After buying two thingies for my girl I've been looking for sth for my son - found this monster figurine, movable, detailed and partially translucent... I had to dig in my bag to get my extra stash of cash.. the seller commented on my cool doll sofa and started to dig for the change... I confessed about 'the box' - she couldn't believe it as she turned out to be quite a Sindy collector ...started to call her father to come back to their stall... I got the toy for free but waited to see how face after she comes back with her treasure... there was some cool stuff indeed... cupboard turned out to be full of accessories, oh well...
Later that day I regretted I didn't ask about her name and dolls more... I had an idea to to post on the carboot's page but miraculously she was already there commenting about her fab find!!!
I was so happy - we chatted for a while but she didn't seem to be too open to share her hobby with anybody unfortunately... but potential was definitely there...

I don't need to mention I later delivered slight obsession about the rubbery and plasticy Sindy stuff...

As you can see I was happy to find this handsome and dressed Flavas mixed race boy in pile of vintage Trolls...he costed only 50 p...

pretty and dramatic (for this price)

He has interesting eyebrows, annoyingly blue /'mixed race' eyes and slightly problematic hairline;-)

This Flavas 2003 Tre facemold apparently

The vintage vinyl doll is an amazing treasure for me as well... the idea of  'black doll' /version always fascinated me somehow...this one was in parts and sold by man only slightly lighter than her... I really negotiated hard demonstrating how broken she really is and how I am going to save her... scored complaining on her blue eyes... she is lovely and Made In Englad:-)

oh so lovely and kind!
 and put together with an elastic <3




Sunday, June 10, 2018

Paris in May

No particular story today.
Just an appreciation post...
...and a presentation of a simple photo shoot I made with my lovely Asian Benetton Paris Lara doll on Hollywood Nails Barbie body:-)
I've only added some blush to contour her biggish pale face...
(I love her thick brows!)

Here she is with her sunbed addicted playline cousin;-)

here she is checking out my doll interiors...

and travel scrabble pretending to be a fab doll-size window;-)

few denim portraits and close-ups...

...only to start posing like mad against my mint wardrobe and display cabinet;-)
There you go - million of photos...

:-) <3

 Ain't she pretty?

fab! I have now idea for new session!!!

cu soon!

****  **  ****