Monday, April 23, 2018

Bootsale haul 07.05.2017

After rainy Bank Holiday Monday disaster I was determined to have fun on double carboot sale the following Sunday (07.05.2017)...

It is as exciting as it is exhausting. Not only I have to get up at 7 on Sunday:-(, i recently calculate don google maps that between two locations and my home I make over 6 miles on my bike plus around 3 km of walking along the aisles...  oh well, sports for dolls....

so this week I was quite lucky and enjoyed myself a lot...
Treated myself with a vintage woolly scarf and stylish folk furry & rosy hat, 50 p each
Mother of pearl coasters from Philipines and kindly spent 1.50 for my daughters Frozen equipment cause she keeps bragging about it like never before;-)

from dolly department I bought a furniture in a wrong scale but full of china goods...
Half dead G2 pony for resale and set of never opened Cabbage Patch dishes (for resale):-)

no brunette or dark beauty to join my collection but a lovely Cool Green Teen Skipper again - this one goes to a new thread still in her hair, all jewelry in place, just a bit loose in her joints;-)
Wonderfull Capri Barbie from 1981 and three Bratz Babiez, 20 p each;-)

Capri Barbie brings bunch of memories... someone must had to have her in my surroundings... her make-up with green triangles is crazy cool and her fashion shouts 80's!
..and she of cours has curly hair which I never had chance to experience as a child but now find it a little bit of nightmare....
I refreshed her and befiore she went to a new loving home to retire I had little play and a mini session with her cousin from Western Fun series:-)

'Mine' is made in Malaysia and has lovely coloring and rosy cheeks:-)


p.s. to cheer myself up I once. 'after school', got myself? three petite uglies;-)
One Blythe bigger than my tiny one from year ago but exactly the same...

and duo of not signed post-Strawberry Shortcake dolls but vintage ones:-)
uffff that's all, Im off!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

My Little Teresa

Today more positive thoughts about Spring and a souvenir from the last season (06.05.2017).
I felt sorry for my Dream Glow Teresa to be portrait as a icy cold princes due to her sky blue hair all the time... so I styled her in cheerful colours and wedged sandals. Her hair got adorned with all My Little Pony hair extensions and accessories I could find in my household...

Please welcome My Little Teresa!

No particular story line or order here - just pure joy of colour

 kawaii af

yay artificial hair;-)

yay flowers! yay effects...

this one must be one of my favourites...

 oh bluebells and forget-me-nots...few of my favourites...

from here it all goes rather metaphysical..

good times! and well done SpinMasters with this Liv doll dress <3


Sunday, April 15, 2018

The morning after

Too much is never enough but I have some mercy and decided to split the previous post in two...
Lazy morning and sunny kitchen table saga continues...

Today Lea and a pleasant brunet in the morning after.
(Because he has such a poker face I am not completely sure if they are not fighting a little bit... and because of her side-glimpse I don't know if she is blushing or gets intimidated...)

I love the light and all the produce (it's a wholefoods extravaganza babe!!!) and goods stolen from my son's Playmobil collection LOL


All the best!


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Folk art boudoir

With my diorama in mind I have new reason to attend bootsales...
This is so much fun to create little worlds in a scale...

Interiors I create are definitely eclectic, full of patterns, textiles, craft and traditional art from all over the world - just like my real life flats and houses LOL

Here is 1,5 session combined into one story...

First sorority and few lazy morning scenes:-)

Mackie is a bit pensive and deep in thoughts. Probably some heartache... Lea is here to listen...

Lea loves mornings spent with the sister Lenara in their boudoir

 oh they all get pensive when no one's watching ;-)