Friday, June 22, 2018

Desire in Legoland

Almost straight after being picked up at carboot sale my perfect Desiree with the perfect shiny fringe has been taken for a trip of her life - to Legoland in Denmark.

We have spent first afternoon on a farm next to Billund - the location of the original Lego factory and a village where the Christiansens still live.

 ..there was this amazing big huge bouncy trampoline :-))
She was so happy she did some posing...

The next day we moved to the fancy Lego Hotel...
 oh everything was from Lego there (well not the faaaab food tho) the park at last...
 Ninjago was our fav!

oh we loved them all - pirates, knights...

 ...shops. restaurants, spooky house...
 make-your-own figurine section

...and miniature world at last...

 oh I really would love to comeback one day!!!

dreamy about it already!

** *** **

Monday, June 18, 2018

Moxies restyled

Do you remember these two beauties?

 Here they are in June 2017, more chilled, boho edition...

Trendy khaki and yellow Tamar

And fruity Malwina in the cutest Liv wig ever!

 into the wild
 oh so photogenic!

and together 

oh how lovely... miss these so much - most of my dolls are semi packed due to highly 
probable move to London

...few more close-ups of Tamar redressed...