Saturday, April 4, 2020

Vintage Extravaganza vol 3

Vintage extravaganza continues... with Doll Fashions!!!

To add depth to this wonderful package you have to know it has a real smell of a treasure - dusty, humid literally spent 30 years put away!

Seller told me - after I expressed how happy i am and that I assure it goes to a good home - that these are all her childhood toys (so jealous!) which she stored at parents house for daughter she never had... Now her parents have passed away and she is in process of clearing out the sad!...
..and believe me, sorting somebody elses lives and dumping some of your memories is the heaviest, sticky feeling - I'm glad tho that something positive came out of it....

lets start small...

 Here are the identified Dreamstore accessories i mentioned in the previous post:

you can see hats, beret and shawl:

the nasty birthday hat reminds me of 1980 Barbie ...but its not...
i have a genuine ballet dress - everychilds fav!

it seems to be one of the surprisingly many MyFirst Barbie, Easy-on 1988 fashions:

what's next?
several rather neutral but mostly genuine fashions 

 two very 80s dresses - love the prints, hate the dolly bows...
very well made but no label...
They are not identified yet but i've got a clue that the same fabric was used on Hasbro's Ashley (1987) Maxie doll friend outfit! - quick brows through Hasbro Sindy archives didn't show anything.

 this one makes wonderful noise - id be in heaven 30 years ago Lol

 possibly some clone kiosk fashions - daughter is happy;-)

next a lovely denim slim dress with a jacket - very nice silver threat decorative stitching

Next one is amazing - paper 'Hong Kong' label which usually suggests Pedegree Sindy (and family) -
velour raincoat and hat - tricky to clean (only one front  button missing)
 i love hand finish and metal snaps!
...i still haven't found matching photo neither in Sindy nor Barbie archives...

1979 Barbie
1969 Sindy and later Patch fashions

Next I have two 80s businesswoman outfits in red and black.
I always loved dolls with red lips but obviously as i child i only had one at the the time (three total) and i always went for pink after all
at first I thought they are part of the same gift set maybe - 
the silk blouse with woolen skirt and velvet duo...
 but it turned out this unusualy weaved denim with black fur and in shape of coat is

...part of Haute Couture collection!! can you believe my luck!!
hat and tights are missing and apparently the bow...

but i'm happy to report that even bag belonging to set No 9150 is still here!
coat was quite easy to identify (but this entry was brewing several months to be frank - as I've been spotting items here and there!)
but I only remembered that there was this bag in mixed up accessories like couple weeks ago...

here's the B-side of the packaging...
and i literaly JUST noticed something exciting!!

my other red set is also from Haute Couture Collection but judging on graphics and lack of pictures at the back its different year or batch of issue <3

The exciting thing I just notice is this....

other than this just being a gorgeous proper vintage Barbie dress
 (do you remember these special occasion tights from your childhood?)

 and this night wear and very simple classic wedding dress are just gorgeous!

its that these two are actual a set 7204! yay!

Then comes this dress... in perfect pink with a frill. it always makes me thing about tropical/hawaii dolls of 80s... i earlier accidental got the turquoise one (which is promotes as pink one, hmmmm)

but also was an Uptown Barbie stock dress..hmmm

next comes this fancy set (which i already looked up when parcel was still on its way):

which i am happy to say is yet another Haute Couture 
( I hoped for a sec its Oscar de la Renta or sth, its so lush!)

...what else...
 some strange clone stuff and one printed cotton dress that i haven't identify yet 
but has very Sindy feel and tag...

also this rather splendid wedding gown - lace and trail, what can you possibly want more 
- I'd be so happy  30 years ago...

despite tag i cannot find anything similar online..
What else - two more good quality but unidentified wedding dresses for my pleasure...

nope, mine is nicer actually...

 very cute undergarments and dressing gowns
none of these but still

Next I have selection of very festive gowns...i sens 80s Emanuel Sindy or sth but not confirmed...
good qualty but very dated

 this littre riding hood went straight to my daughters doll set - in rotation and played with

Next one is interesting.
Its only last week that i found out the para-sol actually goes with it and that, 
as suspected, it is Sindy's outfit indeed

here it is in Emanuel's Sindy 1986 catalog

and pinterest picture describing it as RARE, yay!

 Next comes this dress which is soooooo 70's Sindy / Fleur but i have nor proof for it just yet!

...were was I...
oh yes, skating 'Iceckapade' fashion set for him and her appears to be Sindy's

late 80s Pedergree Sindy - how cool is that!
(to my surprise the day look long skirt is not part of it...)

more famcy stuff - this is 200% Barbie and i think i might accidentaly finaly have complete set for my bootsale/charity shop beauties...
 Just give me ten more years to see the difference between Pretty&Pink and Pinh Jubelee LOL

What else Icy blue/Aque goodies!!!
the top-left dress is not part of set....

 ...again coldnt find my keywords...the only furry blue goddes i could remember was 1986 Magic Moves Barbie, but its obviously not even close LOL

Icecapades keyword did not work again LOL as this Supertar's fashionpack is called 
Star on Ice 1988

amazing! little girl in bme is crying bloody tears, or something hahaha
(both pumps and skates came in the parcel)

you will not believe me when i tell you there was one more fashionpack from this Superstar line!
splendid gold and yellow Rock'n'Roll Star 1988!

Last but not least... dolls that came with all the gadgets...
i know too much of the god stuff

she is a cute lots-of-blue-eyeshadow, straight hands playline Fashion Play 1988 doll
(hairbands still in her hair)

together with her dress she fund forever loving home already - i was a good girl!

The boy is very 80's Derek from Barbie and \the Rockers line in most of his original outfit....
(he's fake leather pants got flaky...)

well..i honestly now think tjis is it!
if not ill come back to edit.

Time to play!