Monday, October 31, 2016

Christie Marmaid-Fairy plainair

At last. The day has come. Not only I had an idea and courage to take my doll outside, away from safety and shelter of my walled garden aka backyard - I actually REMEMBERED to do that in all this kids chaos.

That afternoon we went to enjoy path through the broads of University of East Anglia campus:-)

[and yes due to my constant doll flow and chronological order of appearance I have made this session in July and/but have numerous posts scheduled for 4 coming months! One post every 3-4 days... one day I will have space and time for a spontaneous boot-sales updates, charity shop updates and up to date ebay posts...more appropriat eto the season stuff]

One of the paths goes all the way around the lake and other along the wild river and meadows, up to horses stables and allotments... Lovely country and holiday feeling. I just love big huge campuses:-)

and now for photo SPAM - the ex-mermaid, purple haired Christie doll can no enjoy her legs - dip it in mud, water and such... unintentionally she got styled as a meadow fairy in her flowery skirt and papery wreath:-)

very exciting and satisfying experience overall. Thanks for watching!

obligatory ivy and fern...

 more and more flower fairy ;-)

 tangled on a request of my boys...

 morning glory fashion <3

'run, run its a human child!'

 pensive and romantico...

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Friday, October 28, 2016

My dolls - nr 50

Mini blog anniversary again:-)
I'm not even confused about the number being 'too high' for strangers - its still pretty decent for a collector me thinks...

It turns out the anniversary girl will be proper vintage, classic Mattel and first of all 'black' doll!

No research for this one - one of the most characteristic lines - like beach and mermaid doll all in one, meet my  Splash&Colour Christie 1998 /its a bit disturbing tho she was made 2 years before millenium - feels so dated LOL/

She came with the Florida Shani twins

Portrait on the day of arrival /lots of purple hues here)
 amazing cherry lipstick combined with lavender and blue eyes design
and a signature:

This is how she looked as brand new and shiny:

While refreshing her I decided to remove (cut and hide) her fringe - its massive and dated... 'my little pony' silver foil streaks were very worn out, tangled and looked more like a gray hair the decision was quite easy - I removed most of them too.
Doll is unfortunately made in China and it really makes a difference. Her head is made of such a soft rubber it barely can take the weight of her long hair...

wet wet wet

I was a bit confused about how to style her but cold foggy nights came...and you will see.

Here is a snick peek with her hair to the back, mint green streak separated and blue streak curled a bit <3

She has some lovely friends from her line:

 I've held this Barbie few bootsales ago but did not give in LOL but 'the brunettes' are delicious!


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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Doll nr 49

In late April 2016 I had a pleasure to purchase these lovely traditional Mattel black dolls on eBay.

Handsome looking parcel /a bit squished but dolls were bagged/:
 pikaboo - amber coloured eyes and turquoise studs <3...

Wonderful Shani and Christie faces.

Turquoise earring made her easy to identify as Florida Vacation Christie 1998.

despite my hopes Shanties are exactly the same...
but somewhat not really which always amazes me and entertains...

both made in Indonesia but even fonts are different
Scratches and wears are so much more visible on darker plastic...
distribution of brown streaks is different too

At some point I had three similar dolls - was strong enough to sell the excess ...
Which I slightly regret seeing wonderful session and ooaks by Simran:

from Simran's blog

Simran's stilisation

This is my first doll with this mold and i am a bit confused as she looks mature and asks for clothes more classy than I am able (time wise essp.) able to create...


This is how doll looked in her swimsuit + glasses in company of her friends:

Teresa has Mackie mold here and she wears purple - interesting

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bootsale rush

On 23.04.16 we had a bit of a crazy idea to go check out once again one car boot sale which is not neceserely near (if you ar enot going to the seaside) and whats worse, starts late - exactely when our son's Saturday Polish school;-)
We had to drive there and back between drop off an pick up times;-)
We haven't been exactly successful and additionally there was a sudden rainstorm...

 No luck with doll's interesting for me but in a crazy rush I have managed to eye two vintage looking dollies... I think it was already raining so it wasn't more than 50p per doll + 3 dresses for my daughter

I had a feeling and it is rather obvious now - it is original and vintage Skipper... hysterical undressing at parking lot... beautiful signatures:

dirty face and moldy outfit - partially original...

here she is after spa and with her team from 1983 

The second doll range the bell and after a blind date with google ('vintage doll with star eyes by Hasbro') or sth I came up with a result - I must have seen her in a catalog or even in a shop (I can imagine the smell...)

She is part of MoonDreamers series... her name is Blinkie...
Her hair are powder pink and a bit stiff but turns out they glow in the dark!!!! true 80's magic by Hasbro <3

here is the official promo material 1986:

 so bad so good...

 I think she went into a great hands (postal address was some kind of school tho;-)

The last doll is my second Moxie girl - a pale and green eyed Lexa it seems.. 50 p as usually and original dress it seems feet still there:-)
Really lovely face - hypnotizing eyes and amazing realistic lips - body says - "better give me to your daughter"...