Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spanish Barbie revisited

Knowing what i know now - I revisited my Spanish Barbie 1991...
She is still my only doll with a Steffie mold and although I am appreciating and understand fascination she is way way too sweet and too 'dolly' for me...

It was a quick not-so-makeover. She is so hairtastic you cannot do that much...
her earrings are huge and dated but i don't dare to remove them (just yet).
Her tanned skin is rather orange unfortunately and head is tiny...

Her brown, green and black eyes must have been something in her golden days but they look dead and dolly to me... there is really no light in them...she is never really looking at you - therefore she is not fun to shoot...
At first I just wanted to spanish-her-down with a casual set of clothes...

...using happy family Grandma cardigan, my vintage handmade corduroy bodice and khaki canvas skirt.
This obviously didn't work that well with her bend arms so I gave her even older piece - floral jersey skirt from my childhood. Made by my mum from scrabs after her clients. 
I was so old i had to change the elastic. Warning: blurry pics!

Kept her original white knee length socks and added horse riding boots - they are more fun and style than any purple high-heels I own...

and its cute!


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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Doll No 27

What a great number for one of the livliest girls in my, ekhem, collection...
Yet another tanned brunette and a serious eye opener.
Cause how could I live not knowing that there is other 'Oriental' and sooo ethnic sculpt than the vintage Kira/ Miko or the modern (japanese-pale) fashionista... oh wait, half of them is looking completely Pacific & Oceania to me, other half like Latinas..or maybe they are all Middleeasterns LOL 
or maybe only Mediterraneans;-) - she is so universa, see?

Anyway - thanks to this beauty I have reached bottom of internetz yet again and came to the surface with a great affection for a new-found, perfectely ethnically fluid Lea/Kayla <3

She is obviously perfect and it seems many (collectors) share my opinion and feelings... 
Cinamone skin tone, shiny, straight two toned dark dark brown hair, amazing fashionable, modern fringe, closed lips with lovely smile and deer-like eyes...

I can't believe I have been so fair and kept her closed in box all those MONTHS! Only for not to look at her all the time and to give chance to other friends - which i did in a chronological order on this blog!

Only recently I got more than a name - got her head in a spares lot - she still had blue thread on her head...
her outfit is sooo dissapointing and absolutely not reflecting her beauty... Sporty blue and white screams Fashion Fever like nothing else, seriously? (2005/2006)

cool shoes tho...

Its gonna be such a pleasure to restyle and shoot her!

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mature doll - restyled

oh wait...this was my other breaking point... 
back in Luxembourg when I realised 'Barbies' are not all blond and pink as i remeber it and lot was happening on the market... 
Purchasing this interesting mature lady from Happy Family pastel thing, only-woman-with-rings-have children... together with AA Sunshine family on Nordic community tabletop sale...was a nice reminder that i love dolls but was too pregnant with my baby nr 2 to give it much space in y head and life...
anyway - 'Grandma' is free now and pretty hot in her new-old outfit!

 sorry - its not terribly sharp pic...Dress made by me in 90's - satine top and navy blue vintage scarf from ancient stash. Underneath she's hiding black! tulle underdress made by my late mother in my ballet classes filled childhood:-) Oh, and piece of our old India shop wooden beads string.. couse she is a mature Hippie obviously...
She looks happy. I love her face and natural make-up.
Very interesting hair color..and i wonder how different is her body from 2016 Curvy Barbie...

Need to play with her more when i work through my rescued and restyled doll's queue /ever.../

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Midge revisited.

My first accidental re-head...
She came very tired with life... I stil don't like her high forehead but simple makeup is ok.... and I appri=eciate her place in Mattels history or sth..

anyway..she first got a new hairdo for this mini session - sculpt comparsion...
 but then i gave her some brushing time and cut dry ends;-)
She is wearing South African Princess sress and kimono-style jacked made by me few years ago.
oh,and horse riding shoes from Barbie who is far far away in a queue /shoeless!/

 Much better. She is so dull but she has super loose elbow joints and chopped thumb 
- she has to stay in my sanctuary you know...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Asha revisited

My turning-point black barbie from March year ago...
Revisited but also restyled - i just don't have props for propper posed session (not that she is posable tbh in co,parsion to what i had in my hands recently...). Not to mention - her dress is really crying for ironing;-)

She is still unidentified despite quite characteristic earrings, but now i think she must be from end of 90/early 2000 with these small and naturaly looking eyes. (Love that her hair are brown not black).

I kept the underwear she came in as it has nice lace bodice. She is wearing floral vintage corduroy (same as Corduroy Mackie few posts ago) and ancient, pre war, painted silk ball skirt.

Last night, when i was sorting my accessories before putting some on ebay she got elegant gold eyewear...
(it was near midnight obviously - please excuse artificial light)

Then i started to experiment with some handmade neckaces and she got one:-)

 still need to figure out some good mini fastener...


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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Dolls, nr 26

Probably the first 'ethnic' doll I ever saw.
I remeber burning with desire in mid 90s but felt like its too late for me and I am too old:-P
Never saw the film, not much into Disney Princesses obviously and this europocentric postcolonial bullshit...

Her face looks a bit dated and cartoonish /oh really?/ but bonestructure, hair and skintone is amazing.
I almost bought her separetely as a must have but luckly she came in my oh so famous and neverending it seems eBay bargain box:-)

Beautiful face and great quality hair which i refreshed very successufully
- they have lovely shine an dlots of movement now!

I decided to make the other kind of princes - a tribal warrior or just urban jungle raven black haired girl?

plum tunic, black legnings, hotrse riding boots, striped vest, textile belt
with woodena and turquoise necklaces

lets turn the ethnic thing up a notch;-)
/there was some lil make-up thing going on too/

what i've lear from this experience is also that nowadays Disney dolls are more possable 
and there are limited, collectors editions as well... rooted lashes and stuff

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Dolls No 24=25 more about Teresas but not the ones you think about again;-)
and yes, 25 dolls is a high number so I stopped to lie to myself about dolls collecting/bringing home;-)

I was procrastinating hard with this entry as i am still confused about at least 4 faced Teresa...
I even have separate 'brunettes' folder withing 'Teresas' folder and one more just called 'research' because seriously... its serious and time cosuming;-)

I got two of them in one shipping - one without bracelet and with worse hair /not anymore ofc./ Accessories always help identifying surviwor dolls... 
Not in this case ofc LOL
To make sthe long story short - here are my lovely brunette twins as ebay made them:

 very simple, a bit timid
 it always surprises me how identical dolls change depending on light and angle...
 lovey, good quality, two colored chocolate soft hair on these two...

and a close-up of this nice gray-brown, NATURAL make-up (just before the glitter era;-))
so... I identify these dolls as New Teresa mold 2008...Smiling/ Open lips Teresa... 
and Chic Teresa 2008 (and 2007) according to Kattis dolls for example /different lips - i know/...

this headmold was at somepoint used on Barbies as well i suppose - also in cheap, supermarket stiffies it seems which is not verifying or falsifying any of my theory because there is none in this research :-P

as they are already nicely restyled in new handmade clothes!

** **** *** 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Strawberry chic

Time to show my restyled Cordutoy Strawberry... or something...
As much as I am not a colector;-) this dolll withher simplicity and charm tough me to appreciate, to say the least, Mackie mold. Love the full closed lips and gentle smile:-)

I am always so surprise how much they gain /the kitchy playline toy-dolls/ when they wear more realistic outfits and less nylon outfits:-)

Here she is in wearing my early teenage creations:

 the quickest pendant / necklqce ever - metallic thread and three beads:-)

lilac silk top, thick jersay jacket, vintage floral purple corduroy skirt 
and vintage vintage Barbie shoes from my childhood set.
I have to rememebr this amazing angle making wonders to Barbie's legs!

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Erica restyled

Enough of this Teresas' mess - i need to process it.
Remeber that poor thing traped in a nylon princess gown?

Before I'll continue my trippy trips with my mighty brunettes with toothmarks I'll show you very simple and quick makeover I gave to Erika (there is a long queue darling so mooove...)

First I had to shut her up...
my first succesfull transplant that is. 
Heating with hairdryer doesn't work - boing water does wonders!

It was actually enough to put her hair back

and make her some tasteful real-life copper and green glass earrings

Clothes in earthy tones of rusty orange and olive green goes very well with her skin- and hair-tone and makes wonderful canvas for her blue eyes - now they seem to make sense:-)
(this wooly thing is not making much sense but at least it is not pastel and took 5 mins...)

Then I started to play with my backgrounds and poses as the body she got has /sooooper loooose/
 but fully articulated knees...


*** *** ***