Tuesday, November 29, 2016

adventures in rebodying 2

So I have finally joined the club of rebodying and swapping healthy bodies only to improve the articulation. My charity shop fashionista was not only slightly loose - she also had cracked neck...
I had to manipulate a little bit with the anchor so sh eis slightly stiffer than usual in the are, oh well...

I gave my Fiery hair Firytopia Lenara (Lea / Kayla face) 2009  some hair spa as I felt I improved a lot;-)

Here is the journey...

 a perfect match
 amazing realistic, contemporary face out of a sudden!

body positive wearing my hand-made lingerin:

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Emerald extravaganza (not so Hollywood nails)

Yes, I know its late November but dolls are queuing up and I want to give the justice to every and each if them as well as to the historic truth aka chronology. So here you go - one of my first plain air sessions - juicy green July (02.07.16) garden and ethereal ivory and emerald (out of a sudden) Hollywood Nails Barbie.

Her hair were heavily damaged and dry. I tided them up as much as I could (fringe is a bit crazy) and I recreated the original knots.

She poses really well and her pale skin creates beautiful contrasts
 glowing / growing...

grass fairy;-)
 broadbean fairy 

and now for something lipstic-coordinated:-)
 got carried away...
and now for something soft, pastel...
 picnic on a teatowel:-)

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Charity shop finds 6

I must be the last person in western world who got to hold a fully articulated Fashionista body type Barbie.. She came to me on 12.04.16 /before Livs then../- routine charity shop check, and tadaaa... here sh eis with loose joints, terrible face and hairstyle but lovely price LOL

I must say I was rather impressed with her possibilities and couldn't resist to play a little bit at the kitchen table...

 ...and a reality check - who is the real Princess in this home...
 oh gosh... stop glowing b***h!
p.s. she is from wave 2 /wave 1 had old school, gymnast-like knee/ and is called 'Cutie' and is absolutelly horrible LOL - what a good donor, no hard feelings whatsoever...

 (go to egolon's page for an amazing detailed fashionistas waves guide...)


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Monday, November 21, 2016

More bootsale adventures (08.05.2016)

I will tell this story from the middle because what happend first is still too shocking and over-exciting doll-wise (to even be true)...
Let's just say I definitely opened my mind fo r'other dolls' and option of 'reselling'.

I managed not to look in the eye of several Moxies and Superstars...but I kept digging - to my greatest surprise I fount thre packets of fashion doll accessories i cardbord boxes underneath the table... had my act on and after waving it with despise asked for his price - he obviously had no idea bit 50p for all of them was a bit on a crazy side. Just look:-)

I would absolutely pee my panties as a child (most of colour cosmetics is opening etc) but now they are too much of a plastic so all went to new homes...

Then two alleys later - family of four with two daughters not older than 8-10 selling (already) all of their Monstre Hights...like a huge container of barely used, fairly new (like orange and black cat) ones with all accessories... This made me so sad...such a thoughtles consumption...I thought about saving all of them and buying, not the most handy, container... but bought only one I really liked to spend some time with her and re-sale..

Meet Jinafire Long, daughter of dragon or sth - beautiful face, narrow nose, acid green hair and golden body - lovely oriental stylisation with golden chrysanthemums head-dress (and a tail)...

Got myself an extra brush and a stand (hoes very well around Barbies tights;-) and I accidentally grabbed one of Scalita's accessory - scull vase with sunflowers... another very attractive and well designed doll I shouldn't look at;-)

oh the joys of a bootsale - lots of dolls for less GUILT xxxx:-)

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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Magic bag

Oh my god, this is a dramatic story about my most spectacular car boot sale purchase so far me thinks...but its hard to tell as there is no action...
Basically I'm at one table with older guy and two sons in their late teens... I spot a blue wig holder, can't remember from where I know it but I buy it anyway as its 20p only...
When almost leaving I spot a medium sized, 'indian' styled pink arm bag for a young girl - I consider it for my daughter and mechanically check the inside...my heart just stopped and mind evaporated...
I theatrically shake it and ask how much - he says (the son): '50 p please' - as calm as I cand be - I say: 'Cool' and just grab it and run...

it basically looked something like that - bag is to small to digg without loosing something...

Yes! My first Liv doll. I bided for them several times some time ago but they seemed to be quite a hype and I wasn't that desparate... but here she is...wait!

Its not one but two dolls, not one wig  but five/!/, dolls are fully dressed, with shoes, oh wait - and three bags too... This is obviously too much! Oh beautiful Spring of 2016 to remember:-)

I couldn't wait so pics are made on my lap in a speeding car...

Totally hypnotising - even hubby is impressed with the eyes and articulation (but he is driving)

 no comments + an alien
I have immediately made decision to sell the blonde one and her pink & pastel accessories (oh my collection so well designed and focused LOL) and I was quite successful on that /essp. that my 'investment' was the whole 25 p/...thats when my resale bug really kicked in and I had an extra excuse to attend boot sales regularly, BUHHHAHAHAHA

feed your eyes:
 forever mine - green eyed tanned brunette with her dark and curly wigs <3
oh god, they are so well designed... tottaly hunting but kind and warm in the same time..

 pastel and candy floss section - bye bye my love!
and one of the best knee cups in the business LOL

Naturlich, i've spent all afternoon (sorry kiddos) studying Spin Master and waves of Liv dolls only to find that they are discontinued /2009-2012/ and that I have complete, boxed dolls named: Sophie and Alexis, booth from an original wave 1 (with no painted panties)...

 4 dolls of 1st wave: Alexis, Daniela, Katie and Sophie

Boxed Sophie and promo

Boxed and promo Alex:

They are much more photogenic i.r.l....

/very vintage hand-made swiming suite made from a very vintage 60's bikini;-)/ 
a tip...
Their wigs actually fit vintage dolls like cousins Fleur and Sindy

 /edit from few months later/ as well as Moxie Teenz, yuppieeeee and whoooaaaaa:-)

definitelly TBC!!

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