Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vintage Sindy x 3

This is a story about my 'First time lucky' visit at the 'other' car boot sale... it goes on in March to Septemper cycle since 1986 or sth...and is sooo huuugee...and in the middle of nowhere and a bit muddy;-)

Was in my tiger eyes mode so just in a first aisle, on a side, to the back and on a ground /foil bag/ I spotted doll shaped exhumed corpses reminding vintage Sindy dolls. I almost jumped over the table and got them all (there was one more doll, Diana or Petra or sth and few never used sleepy eye/ hollow plastic dollies)... 50 p each...

the classic case of sticky and smelly dolls covered with a real green mould!

 like - how bad is that... but it is very excited as they are all so different...


after hot hot bowl bath with bubbles and serious brush and scrubbing... three lovely ladies:

thanks to great Sindy page I managed to identify and sell them already.
Here are their markings:

 2nd generation Sindy, regular 033055X, after 1982 Sindy with logo in a block (and her ballerina active body

I had quite a nice correspondence with their buyers - they all will take good care of them - vintage Sindy loving homes with lots of old-new friends (and I managed to sustain my collections integrity LOL or sth)

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

My dolls - nr 47

My doll nr 47 is very special (which isn't, which doesn't have a story and meaning...) - she is one of those dolls for me: "if you have a bad day, weather sucks and kids are disrespectful - know there is a doll waiting for you", you know.

Can't recall what it was, could be half term as I was wondering around with a pushchair and a schoolboy in the middle of an old town. Due to numerous travels, council tax and stuff we were short of money for the first time since we emigrated in 2008 and I took rather bad.

We have been heading to the childrens library but despite having no money in a wallet I wanted to check that charity shop I never enter as its not on our route usually... Toys part was a bit messy, my pushchair blocking all the way... but then i see a leg and a mess of black hair, bag with accessories...and Jasmina with her dude...I pull another corpse's leg, and omg!!! Clean mega vintage, big eyes Kira with super long hair, original earrings and some clothes from the period...
I can feel adrenaline kicking in even when i'm writing it months later (its still my only vintage second hand Asian doll somehow...)

with shaking hands I check my wallet, making up excuses, deals and arrangements with the 'eldrely lady behind the counter' but hay, I managed to squeeze 1.35 in small coins and she is mine!!

I'm obviously not so enthusiastic about the unrealistic and colorful manga eyes (coral lips are gorgeous tho)...I even had sacrilegious thoughts abut altering her make-up and selling clothes but hey! as far as I remember there is nothing better in Barbie world than pink summer pants and a jacket with abstract pattern in contrasting colors;-)

and hellooo...underneath she seems to have her original outfit from a box /bottom as well/! - lavender purple, metallic and terribly dated bikini. She only misses a 'real plastic gold' necklace as her star-shaped earrings and even original metallic purple elastic is still in her her.

a very happy end for barely played with 25 years old doll!

box pic for reference
 and a full set (no thank you)


p.s. I kept the clothes but turned her into some kind of dark flower fairy ;-)
how lovely are these sun-kissed hair. Premium quality!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Charity shop find...

My children are very understanding. My 3 yo daughter knows the difference between momys dolls to watch and her to wash and play (and throw and brush ;-). She sometimes asks if she can hold one or another or look at some of them, comments on lip colour and leaves <3
My son who is 5,5 an d sometimes jealous of all the colors, accessories and dolls girls can have and posses, so when I saw this gentle man, with rooted hair, missing nose tip and a lovely price of £1 i was not picky at all.

travelling on a pushchair

oh well, maybe he is blond but sooooo much better than 80/90 Ken my mother never wanted to buy for me /obviously/. He is almost handsome (in playline blonde doll sense;-)/ and oh so articulated!

I must say his hands and feet are so very well done and realistic...

My son was so proud he too it to school the next day. His best girl friend was super jelly;-) He was quite specific about his clothes too and I tried to this day i owe him socks, gloves and a jacket...

 sorry for the poor quality of these ones...

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Monday, September 19, 2016

My Dolls - nr 46

Next of my dolls is an eBay purchase. She had a noticeably tanned skin and dark hair (and a nice price too). I am a bit of a lame european 'orientalist' and ethnographer so I got excited with a good looking blue 'belly dancer' outfit and an unusual henna/tattoo around belly button.

She had a beach feet /syndrome/ so I started research even before she arrived - I opted for Teresa /as I was in the neo-Teresa mold haze/ but to my surprise and delight a very nice seller informed me its actually Beach Fun Lea (2005).

Hobbit body and bulb head, but hey - my third Lea / Kayla yay!

eBay pics:

She arrived quickly nicely a textile sleeve and with a chocolate candy:-)

here she's after de-enveloping:

 the characteristic doll's feature and details of clothing
unusual, exaggerated, slightly dated eyes...

after closer examination i found out that her hair is a mess, she looked as if she has some overgrown undercut and the oriental dress was a bit touristic and costumy and i don't-really-like-blue... so I decided to sell it to feel better about the situation...

She waited in a queue for most of Spring and half of the Summer but when i used boiling water on her hair and took where she belongs - to the beach - I learnt to like her:-)

here she is boxed - with sunglasses, bikini and pareo :

and with friends from her line

and a sneak peak :


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Friday, September 16, 2016

Adventures in rebodying 1

After very successful hunt for a donor I happily performed my first official rebodying (oh after Erica i mean;-). After breaking the neck /literally;-)/ using hairdryer method I became a great fan of the boiling water option - good for hair and her...

for a sake of roro dols chronicles - here is Christie as a broken charity shop mermaid:

so here is the skin tone comparison between Mermaid Christie and MyScene Madison...

 no mercy... last good bye to ya heads... Christie looks quite happy:-)

some clean, good looking healthy hooks...

and tadaaam...a compeltely new-old doll - this will never stop to amaze me!

enjoying some proper sea-blue (sic!) vintage shoes and vintage Laura Asley floral fabric skirt - soon to attend our first official outdoor session!

happy adventures!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My doll nr 45

...Back to my £ 0,99 purchase  "I can deal with 'the blonde one' and those shiny dresses" LOL... little did I know... after realizing I accidentally got a rather characteristic and loved Hollywood nails Barbie I started process of identification of the long haired mixed race beauty.

Her skin tone is like a cinnamon, curly hair have really light blonde streaks and a bit surprisingly - she has so called Lara /Ana face which I adore since I first saw her in Basic line ages ago (before collecting and babies;-)).
She is quite often on ebay and sometimes gets tagged as 'Beyonce' which is intriguing.*

Mine was not in such a good shape - not only her hair were not so curly anymore but she had marks on her face and around the lips. I thought "oh i know. i am not afraid to use the varnish remover like this silly seller". Well obviously it didn't work and probably thats why i got her so cheap;-)

after delivery

dress sold, shoes serve very well

close up on lips someone tried to fix (and lovely gray eyes with pink shadow, cute little star/sparkle and some annoying glitter...

after varnish remover failure - here comes google with its fantastic answers... tried baking soda - nope... had to wait few weeks for hubby to go to Pl and buy me a cheap 'acne treatment cream' = basycally anything with an active component of benzoyl peroxide.

Here she is in the process:

 I really enjoyed her with no lipstic whatsoever - very tempting...

I played with fixing her hair... here is a shot with new lips and hair curling on pipe cleaners..


She is quite obviously - Rayla doll - The Cloud Queen from movie "Barbie - Magic of the Pegasus"
I couldn't bear myself to watch the whole movie...but it explains the star and glitter. The name is nice - the dress is awful - one of these colours which hurt my eyes... and silver foil necklace and a bit bulb head tbh...and why, oh why tanned Lara???

here is a still from a movie:

Rayla as a nearly new doll with original cool/pale pink lips

and in a box:

here is all the cast

there is Black main princess version as well...

and a nice ginger friend 'Brietta'

*  *** *