Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hair society

Today one of my far sessions.. VidalSasoon would be proud or something.
Two of my vintage raven-black beauties after spa and frenetic brushing - restyled and strolling outside

(Jewel Hair Marmaid Christie 1996 and Sun Jewel Kira 1993)

 now, six months later I see she needs more hair-conditioning;-)
 Here is Kira in her glory... far far away from a sparkly beach doll
 Her hair is of amazing quality and highlights are very well done!

here they are together rocking huge eyes and bigger than life hair (and beyond vintage clothes)...

ohhhh <3

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My dolls, Nr 80

Nr 80 is pretty interesting and a bit puny actually...
Luckily yet another rather unusual doll to mark yet another anniversary...

On the same bust Sunday, away from home, I had honor to win Heart Family grandpa doll. He arrived on 10.07.2016 an dis darn good looking. I got him mainly because I can't name a single male doll I can digest but they actual come handy from time to time. This one has some articulation, very good handsome and strong face and rooted hair, hello?

To be fair I had more of a Sugar Daddy for my dolls on my mind but it is hard to deny he is looking gorgeous with original curvy Mrs. Heart herself (whom I adore as well!)

 oh I love getting mail, esspecially when it carries a tiny Mummy;-)
 I must have been a bit thrilled hence lack of focus;-)
..I am afraid his wardrobe isn't much better by now but he is posing with a great grace and dignity <3
(please excuse not the best quality - it was late an ddark and everything...)



Sunday, March 26, 2017

Something shiny (and extremely plastic)

Not exactly a doll but a dream coming true and one more (child-ish) desire satisfied.

One day when spending time strolling with my daughter in pushchair, I visited few charities - as usually, just in case...
In the shabbiest and smelliest of them all I saw a ridiculously pearly-pinky-golden-crystal white horse and a full size carriage with a canopy and was really over the top in it's 80sness and when I saw it is standing on its original box and has instruction included I did not hesitate..actually I so excited that I managed to leave the shop and after making decision of buying it I noticed I have left a toddle in a stroller behind;-) oh well...

Then basically whole shop got involved into dismantling it and fitting back into box as my school pic-up time was approaching really quickly.

The huge box was my sweet secret for a while as I couldn't sell it before properly playing with and photographing it without making some ridiculous display in our living-room;-)

Here are few technical, horse, details and box pictures...

horse time... /i never had one!!!! this one is quite useless tho - tottaly stiff/
 but it's hair are cotton candy pink and body like a shimmery - pearl;-)

 slightly dated;-)
hair accessory, you know...
 modest, right?

 ..also - surprise, surprise...

now for full length and some fancy party goers, right?

 once modest fashion play Barbie arrives as a first guest (copy of my first Barbie ever!)...
 with a partner...
(and this is beyond confused cos chronologically, again, neither Ken nor the outfits have arrived yet, but they are already long gone by the time you are reading this, hmmm)
Crystal Barbie is here...
 so bad, so good!

...followed by many more elegant guests in fancy dresses from THE epoque!

 <3 Group pic <3

Holly cow! That was too much fun!!!!
I love my hobby:-)

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My dolls, nr 79,5

Next doll is going well with the latest Fashionista 2015/16 entry, as she has got curvy body - quite a hype last season. She can be seen as a prototype of some sort, from ages ago, and I remember my shock and disbelieve, not so long ago, that this doll exists and I have not heard about her... now I see she used to have 'mixed reviews' so to speak.. some called her useless product some even used 'L'-word...

...but here she is on eBay with auction ending on lazy Summer Saturday, after lunch - when ppl have free time but apparently do not spend it timing eBay, oh well...Rosie was one of these dolls you bid for and leave for a roadtrip... when you're back you discover that you have won... and Liv and Asian as well;-P must have been a devil vol. 8;-)

Here she is on arrival...'s funny how many different ppl are collecting dolls:-)
tomorrow I am sensing some doll heads to Waterstone, Piccadilly...interesting;-)

 she came wrapped in a lovely tissue paper with a professional seal...
Tadaaaa... just look how lovely her palms are! also - you can turn her waist a like nowadays AND her legs are rubbery and with double click... amaze... might need to try to hunt few more;-)

She is so good looking I did not noticed she is missing her hair and has scalp covered with some kind of clay... wondering what was the idea behind.. This is how doll looked like originally (wearing nice suit and coat!):

while I was contemplating what to do with her and her interesting body I saw this post/
photo from I-Luv-Dolls:

Had few fair skinned not-so-loved dolls for experiments but over 6 months had to pass since I got my hands on proper curvy body mold... other ones, even the 'bulb' ones are not proportional.

Rosie's neck it larger than typical so first - I had to take of ca 1 mm from the 'button' of the anchor and, secondly - scratch with the same basic knife or even scissors;-) some rubber off the internal hole of doll's head. With little help of hot water they 'clicked' nicely...

here is my Kata!
but this is story for another entry...

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