Thursday, April 21, 2016

Repaint 3

Back to the strawberry blond batch...
My third, footles, blue-panties Bratz for repaint came with in the days after other onesand I basicaly did the makeover overnight again. I gave up the original eyebrows lines as it defines face as too bratsy for me.

There she is, at right,with her twin sister

here sans make-up

my favourite stage - full of possibilities...

some mascara next morning... i'll have think what's next...


*** **** ***


Monday, April 18, 2016


When you visit your charity shops weekly and go for a boot sale on weekends chances are that you end up with six survior dolls per week and even start to re-sell some - its probably time to admit that you became a collector...

...and then its Monday again and you meet this titian-hazelnut haired beauty with superstar face and set of uny=usual clothes....

Friday, April 15, 2016

My Dolls, No 23

Similar story.
Nice straight, dark hair. Fair skin, identified mold, very nice minimal antural make-up yet such a uniteligent look on her face  ;-)
My first doll on belly button and ass-cheeks body... aparently known as a 'Hobbit body' as it is disproportional in relation to bigger head - fashion doll wise i mean...

Thought it might be some balerina or Highschool Musikal whoever... wait Vanessa udgens apparently...

High head, toothy smile, not very bright look on her face, but not reallt convincing...

She took me to the bottoms of the Internetz and back only, to my disbelieve,  be yet another incarnation of Teresa doll...  how annoying!!!
Kattis Dolls blog is my identification encyclopedia aka bible - no reason not to believe her on this one...

This is one of Teresa faces
Internet gave me more 'iconographic prooves', I believe in oryginal outfit - red despite teh neutral make-up:

Chic Teresa 2006 OR 2007

She needs some good outfit from me in order to be liked;-)
there you go...

** *** *** 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Dols, No 22

...back on track...
a propper brunette today, yet very caucasian;-)
oh ok, maybe very slightly Asian ro sth;-)

She came to mein the famous ebay-survivors box. Except of hair colour I wasn't too enthusiastic...
Dark hair yet with purple steaks (not that it made her easy to identify at all), stiff, hollow legs, and one arm bended in elbow kind of doll. Looking and feeling very cheap - quite new and supermarket one for sure!
Excess of very purple-pink and glitter make-up and slightly vulgar, massive amounts of lipstic.
Also my first case of GREASY HAIR! ;-) - that was months ago and pages of doll bloggs ago - thsi defect made her a free extra in mt delivery tho...

 miss Grease 2016 Superstar
  miss Fake Plastic Smile 2016;-)

 My 'brunette, purple steaks' and 'purple glitter make-up' identification fails (chaotic as this entry) :

She had very plastic, very purple and very turquoise necklace from her original outfit but still I wasn't able to identify her - not that i really care.

 like blaaaah... supermarket fashion whatever 2000 something me thinks

I just have a kind heart and she stood on my desk long enough...and you know - when she is wearing the right colors she can be rather pretty:-P = chellange accepted.

Anyway - to make the long story short - after browsing pages and pages of not so pretty Raquelles, Kalyes, highschool musicals and brunettes of all sorts - she turned out to be a version of TERESA!?
This made me love the classic vintage, square-faced Barbie's friend so much more!!! I never liked Superstar but it is really annoying - you can't change a face keeping the name...its worse than a rock band with a different vocalist or something, LOL

I have quite a library of pictures now and FACES OF TERESA blog post is much needed - especially that I have few completemy different ladies in a queue.

Just look at it - how annoying:

apparently those are Beach Party Teresas 2008 - 2012, seriously?


** *** ***

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ink Splash

Ok, so rerooting migt not be my thing but I found a solution on your ever-inspiring blogs...
Merino Nepalese something something wool and such... I have a fab tomato red boa / sheepskin scarf inherited after my mother but couldn't bring myself to cut it (can't wear it eighter as it doesn't seem too vegan)

Luckly in my crafty stash are three boxes of raw wool for felting I have already used on my rag-dolls descibed on this blog. I have raspberry, grass green and ink blue one. I went for indigo one as it coresponds with my curent hair color and works well with this 'ethnic' repainted bRatz of mine:-)

So there you go with the process: 

I adore her this way! So non-bRatz and so cool. You cannot comb these hair but sure you can restyle it!


** *** ***

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ginger fever order of appeariance of my desk... part of Ginger Wave or rather Fever:-)
I presented her not so long time ago... the wonky eye and shaved forhead Pea Princes doll...
Thought about rerooting her missing hair and to give her some colurful, maybe lavender hair steak 
but its not a style that I am going fore. Fortunately came up with something better and quicker.
Yet another doll I didn't care too much for at the beginning has conquered my heart:-)
Mathing the new hairdo is my retro-styled hand-made in my teenage years ink blue cotton dress and more recent purple hubby sweater jacket.
Very happy with the final result. chronologicaly, she is my first doll wih this 
'belly button & elbow' type of body as well.

 What a change! Love her pensive face.


*** *** ***

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Swedes & Silks

       Another doll from my old batch which was patient enough to try some items from my ancient doll's wardrobe.You ma recognise the hand-painted pre-war brown silk - bits of this blouse were used to dress Esmeralda few posts ago.The rusty/curry open work knit belonged to my late mother - she wore it in 80s a lot:-)

       Here you can see, hard to recognise in these lovely earthy tones, Swedish Barbie. She came with Mbili and Polish Barbie and I did not much attention as she has platinum blonde semi-short hair etc. - but since I brain-washed myself with lots of our blogs I know Mackie mold is a thing to love:-P

clever teenage-me to use this technique to manipulate fabric!


*** **** ****

Monday, April 4, 2016

RePaint 2

I have to find picture in my 'archive' but at some point my desk of 'ethnic' dolls 'not-really-a-collector' looked like I really have a soft spot for redheads :-P
It was time when Erika and Corduroy Mackie were waiting in queue to dressmaker...
As my hunger for having a try of re-paint only grew after the first Bratz I have been lucky enough to find another doll. There were 2 identical ones in the box that day - both shoeless but one with better hair...
hair so beautiful I keep regretting she was born into the bRatz family;-)

there you go BEFORE:

good colors but those lips are unberable...

amazing hair:
no really puc of the proces as I worked quick and overnight;-)
I kept original eyebrows at the begining but she looked too bRatz with them

...and AFTER:

nothing terribly original but definitelly lots of fun!


****   **  ****

Friday, April 1, 2016

Kiyoni restyled

A short one today as the queue is long, older dolls get lonel already and photo archive is big fat;-)
Here is my not-so-mysterious anymore Flava's Kiyoni.
Almost random clothes from my ancient/highschool and not-ironed-in-twenty-years vintage silks* collection.. and almost random pose...she is so flexible and posable - need toplay with her more soon!

So happy with hair, green eyes - and look at this cheeky MonaLisa smile;-)

* black tube beads were old in 80's when I was a chikd actually...


** *** **