Monday, April 29, 2013

My models pt. 2

I got her in second-hand / charity shop back when i used to live in Stockholm. It was a huge basket full of dolls and I am afraid to think what really could be there if I only know what to look for;-) then...
She was the first doll I have bought to myslef as an adult - she made me realise how much I love these, how much change in technology and style happend ince 80/90s... and for the first time I have used the on-line resources to identify the doll... Pandora's box it was...

Look at these amazing long and fiery red hair... lifelike eye lashes... and full lips...

here, she is wearing a hand crocheted necklace and 
hand-made sky-blue cotton and tulle t-shirt by roroDolls.

...and uh well... purple legs and wings moving mechanism.

She turned out to be a Lenara Fairytopia Lavender Wonder Fairy Barbie Doll 2004.

Here she is with all the accessories:
and in a box:

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

my models pt. 1

I absolutely adore her! Amazing how she catches/reflects the light...
and she is sooo against blonde 'barbie doll' stereotype...

close-up of my doll in original outfit (and missing necklace pieces)

South African Princess Barbie Doll (2002) official

got her second-hand on-line, with a certificate.

p.s. the 'Mbili' head mold was used on this doll /link/

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