Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Doll - nr 41

Today I will come to the bottom of my Swedish charty shop bag!
When my bagpack and heart were already overfowing with dolls I pushed myself a little bit harder and went to one more shop. Went to under-the-stairs space where i bought my first doll as an adult at least 6 years ago but there was some hipster vintage stuff this time - luckly found the right section where appliances used to be in my era.

Another decent pile.../no photo sorry/ I was very systematic, cleared every face from hair, placed each doll on their back (Monk mode). Nothing interested tbh. My heart jumped once but it was only Jasmina's tan...I left behind one modern Christie with painted on bikini and one Lea or Lara but she wasn't stunning (so i thought) + after all I got myself in serious collector's mode and got good version of Teresa.

Fair skin, chestnut/hazel nut hair... belly button body but a very small head... minimal natural make-up from early 2000 /now I know/.

My thoughts were spinning around T with a cat (but elbows?!) or this ballerina-princess nut cracker gingery thing... so I asked for help at Polish doll forum - the verdict was:

Rio de Janeiro Teresa 2002

I can't believe they still used this lovely mold in XXI century and then made all those bad decisions...
what is more surprising is her lack of tan and general tropical vacation stylisaton - kind of a city girl - it must be her first day or sth...

This is how she looks fresh and clean:

 In box she used to look like that - not very impressive but the picture made me realize that I got Skipper (in original swimwear) from this series as an 'extra' once...

Skipper which I was gong to sell will have to stay now... 
you know "I don't have any doll with this mold yet" kind of thing...

there are some handsome friends I never seen before ..average Christe but Lea is a stunner /och surprise;-)/

 (these pics are from pinterest but sourced from flickr but I can'tsee whos, sorry)

and this is what is waiting you next from this innocent looking girl:


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My doll nr 40

Small blog anniversary again - my 40th doll!

I have someone very special and dear to me for today.
So happy to have her, so glad I have this little big hobby and that i am a collector in a closet no more;-)

She is one of the last from my Stockholm lot / loot. At that time I was still like ..= meeeh 'I have doll with this mold', 'meeeh glittery mermaid - who cares'...but at the back of my mind someone was chanting 'super long purple hair!' and 'you can always rebody her! People do it all the time';-)

I'm so happy I saw beyong these candy pink lips, sparkly rubber and peeling marmaid tail (quite natural looking tho and nicely articulated) and a chewed hand! She is more like 'mixed race' than black but I am not picky you know (purple hair!).

After blue-haired Teresa she is my best restoration so far... just look at this poor thing (wicker basket again, sorry):

 'you can still see the climped bits' - looking at these old pics I must say I am an optimist and an addict...

here she is in her element, sort of and with wet hair waiting to dry naturally...

the next day - trimming the 'splitted ends'...and with a minimal hair loss (ball pictured) - tadaaaa:

not bad at all - here in comparison with Hairtastic Barbie which I got new in a box. 
I couldn't resist as you can guess:

here a little study of glittery part (easy to ignore on this one tho)
so dreamy and... ooppsieee
so happy these vintage dresses lived long enough to do this;-)

lasty - here she is in a box and with hair not less colourful friends (Lea, I know...):


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Saturday, August 20, 2016

My doll nr 39

The third of my monster and second of pastel team: Rochelle Goyle.
A Gargoyle girl from the Granit City  - she is made of stone-like gray plastic with black, graphite bits. She has lovely a dragonesque ears too and tiny little hands with claws - characteristic to earlier character wavs...
The pink gray combo is very pleasing, cotton candy hair are fun (even if heavely glued*) and thoe big huge eyes - Shrek's cat if it was a dragon girl or sth...

I am lucky enough to have this rocky gray bathroom foor as well as stony backyard - perfect! The book she is reading is about granite Tatra mountains...
She is wearing a powder pink satin bow only - he doesn't need much more (and I don't feel like i have time in my hand to deal with other bodytypes...)

 lovely feet
 lovely ears

 a tiny pebble...
at last - here she is in her box, origina outfit + dragon pet and as a cartoon character:
 love the ittle socks also hay wait - mine has hair cut short looking so convincing, hmmm

lastly - some inspirations and inspiring frauds - 
beautiful repaints I will keep in back of my mind after I'l find time to remove the origina make-up at al...


*note to self to try the talc method

p.s. book close-ups:

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My doll nr 38.

I have sentiment for colorful hair in life and in the doll department obviously as well... 
so when I have found this one on pile of dolls I had no doubts (despite of her price being the same as fashionista's with gown and shoes :-S)
She has a very intriquing icy hair colour, natural eye design and deep fuchsia/plum lips... this is only my second Teresa doll and i'm a good child of the 90s;-)

 oh I am an optimist...
poor dolly still has her hairstyle from the box with a old rubber - never brushed even once in her life!
...and this childish, vintage looking dress
 She was obviously quite easy to identify 'Teresa Brabie doll with blue hair' or someting... and thats when i found out that at last i have something by Mattel that changes colour LOL - Salon Surprise 2001
and again - really happy i don't have to deal witth the original outfit;-)

 and now the photo spam begins - she is my first really challenging and successful doll restoration...

 soaking, boiling hot water, sampooing, conditioner, frenetic brushing... et vola!

and from the back:-)
and up close... amazing dynamic between blues and purples going on here...

and now for something completely different - Teresa's hair is changing colour indeed into lovely hazel dark blonde...despite her young age trick works only for rather short time. I don't need to use ant freezing gadget - she gets blue in room temperature, which is a bit of a pitty as her pyurple lips look so good with blond hair:


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