Thursday, March 30, 2017

My dolls, Nr 80

Nr 80 is pretty interesting and a bit puny actually...
Luckily yet another rather unusual doll to mark yet another anniversary...

On the same bust Sunday, away from home, I had honor to win Heart Family grandpa doll. He arrived on 10.07.2016 an dis darn good looking. I got him mainly because I can't name a single male doll I can digest but they actual come handy from time to time. This one has some articulation, very good handsome and strong face and rooted hair, hello?

To be fair I had more of a Sugar Daddy for my dolls on my mind but it is hard to deny he is looking gorgeous with original curvy Mrs. Heart herself (whom I adore as well!)

 oh I love getting mail, esspecially when it carries a tiny Mummy;-)
 I must have been a bit thrilled hence lack of focus;-)
..I am afraid his wardrobe isn't much better by now but he is posing with a great grace and dignity <3
(please excuse not the best quality - it was late an ddark and everything...)




  1. Oooh, jak miło, że połączyłaś Babcię z Dziadkiem, bardzo ładna z nich para :)

  2. spotkanie po latach :)))
    moja babcia woli jednak
    młodszych - jak ja :DDD

  3. Moj dziadek tez woli mlodsze w zalozeniach ale puki co jak nie swiateczna pzry choince to jakies walentynki z babcia...phi!
    moze kalendarz z chlopakami na 2019?

    1. kalendarz kipiący aż testosteronem? czemu nie...