Friday, October 3, 2014

Portrait doll - made from a photo

My customer, mother of below mentioned two, was so happy and inspired 
with our cooperation that she has ordered spontaniously a portrait doll of her mother. 
The Birthday grandma was going to celebrate her 70 years in a great fashion. 
Literally as I have made her a stylish set of clothes after series of e-mails with ideas and fabric samples.

Mother / Grandma doll was a gift for the 70th Birthday.
She has hand embroidered face on pale ivory/ rosy canva and dove gray weavy cotton boucle hair. She is wearing a simple sky blue top and floral cotton jaket with frills (mainly hand-stitched) accompanied with a stylish pair of loose, pine green, textured linen trousers and
deep purple tights and a hand-made stones and beads necklace as well.


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