Tuesday, January 5, 2016

my dolls vol.12

Today one of my lucky charity shop find...
I guess she was between 75 p and £1...
You  know i have a soft spot for dark-haired dolls and i never had a Skipper kind of doll in my life...
and yes - these green eyes..

here is my new-old doll close-up and haircare process:

Here she is dressed in only one matching item i lanaged to find:
 Then i moved to 'collector' and 'researcher' work... little did I know...
                            The dark-haired Skippers are actually called 'Courtney' /yet mold is the same/
When i searched for the green-eyed one she turned out to be rather vintage 
1990 model of Baby Sitter Courtney <3 :-)

after: Annalisa Bianca Fornasier

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