Thursday, November 24, 2016

Charity shop finds 6

I must be the last person in western world who got to hold a fully articulated Fashionista body type Barbie.. She came to me on 12.04.16 /before Livs then../- routine charity shop check, and tadaaa... here sh eis with loose joints, terrible face and hairstyle but lovely price LOL

I must say I was rather impressed with her possibilities and couldn't resist to play a little bit at the kitchen table...

 ...and a reality check - who is the real Princess in this home...
 oh gosh... stop glowing b***h!
p.s. she is from wave 2 /wave 1 had old school, gymnast-like knee/ and is called 'Cutie' and is absolutelly horrible LOL - what a good donor, no hard feelings whatsoever...

 (go to egolon's page for an amazing detailed fashionistas waves guide...)


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  1. jako dawca ciałka - rzeczywiście ok :)

  2. mozgu z pewnoscia nie ma wiec strata mala;-)