Thursday, June 8, 2017

My doll nr 94

My next girl is a completely impulsive 'BuyNow' purchase and with every day I am more happy about it. Not only the doll was new in a box - she has Teresa facemold and coloured hair (like nowadays fashionistas actually but still). She turned out to be rare, unusual even unknown and desired be some, HA!

She is one the trio 'Dream Glow' 2002- soft boddied bedtime doll with glowing in the dark accessories, cool pyjamas and even a sleep-over bag including toothbrush and toothpaste...

Here are adventures of my...

 nice well fitted box (obviously dropped) but no harm done
 heartwarming booklet

...almost there?

detached...she is such a unanimated doll...
her delicate make-up and dreamy face has a lot of potential... (despite scar on her eyebrow;-)
 this is so humiliating to any Barbie doll.. I just can't...
so I decided to turn it into a performance;-)
 (some kind of post-Mattel Pieta)
Plastic neck gives hope for rebodying and I immidiately had idea how to deal with the pastel make-up and sky blue hair... 
..but before she would become a Flower Fairy... few months passed like this (reboxed?)
but one day a slutty Fashionista came and said:
 'Hey, take my body! It's your skin-tone darlin' or somfin...
and tadaaah - the first evening of new life

Since then she took part in at least three photo shots...
 dress rented out from my daughters stash;-)

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  1. I have never seen any Barbies with that cloth body before! Pretty bad! Luckily, the "slutty" Barbie came along and gave her a new body. She definitely looks great in it!

  2. Wow, super znalezisko i to w dodatku nówka sztuka ;D Ta lalka ma przeuroczą twarz, ale szmaciane ciałko raczej się nie sprawdziło. Zdecydowanie lepiej wygląda po przesadzeniu na artykułowane ciałko. Fajną stylizację jej wymyśliłaś, ze słodkiej dziewczynki z misiem zamieniła się w królową lodu :)

  3. <3 Obłędna i cudna. Dobrze jej zrobiła zaminka!

  4. niesamowita metamorfoza!!!
    szczerze zazdroszczę :)))

  5. Thanks guys - lots of fun and apparently some luck as she seems to be rare or sth;-)
    I have already one more cool session waiting to be published (MLP styled ;-)