Monday, August 7, 2017

Clone No 111 and more

Today yet another double impulse purchase on eBay. Only 99p and 70 p spent on items worth at least 10 times more - satisfaction is countless and lasts for months.
The obvious excuse / cause No 1 was the genuine Mattels Angel Face Barbie 1982 outfit...

The original doll looked like that - quite a classic, and I have few Superstars from this era in need for some attire...

it's a fabulous period design and pink skirt is from high quality pink taffeta fabric!

My modest elegant superstars: came with other items I couldn't trace and definitely did not need - 
these found new loving home soon after...

the other packet which arrived ion that day (07.10.2016) was an envelope with a clone doll.
Very cheap and she has stolen my heart with her noncommercial mature face and pointy nose...

this is a great signature however I am somewhat unable to track her identity...

...her eyes probably need repaint and hair are stiff plastic mess but there is so much potential!
she has twist&turn in waist and bendable legs... /and some marks on her face.../

I love the challenge she is:-) especially that she reminds me mother of one pf my primary school friends...

...yet another very hope-ful soaking. I had to cut the mess off so she is left with a bob and her braid...

...lastly here is a sneak peek of her photo shoot...

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  1. brunetka zaintrygowała mnie na maksa -
    jakbym spotkała gdzieś - w mig bym Ją
    łapała bez chwili namysłu - co za twarz!

    1. a to dobrze, ze mi sie nie wydawalo:-)

  2. Niekiedy "klony" mają ciekawsze buzie niż barbie Mattela. Ta ma bardzo ciekawą buzię. Ładnie ubrana od razu wygląda inaczej. Widać, że porządna firma ją zrobiła. Ja mam jedną taką co ma ciekawą twarz ale nóg to ci jej poskąpili i musiała się przesiąść na inne ciało ☺