Friday, January 31, 2014

My doll Collection vol.6

this is a really interesting one...
again... as I hunt for unusual and 'ethnic' editions, while paying for below mentioned 'grandma' doll 
i have noticed some 'dolls of colour'. 
It turned out to ba a whole family of 4 with clothes and accessories!
Nordic Market seller in Luxembourg said these are her old dolls, 
like 30 years old, but she still sold them really cheap! (not that i am such a good player LOL)
They have pretty used hair and seriously 'loose' legs but i love them!

look look!

bebe nr 1 with accessories!

 bebe nr 2 - look into those eyes!!



took me some time again to find this is supposed to be african-american edition of 
"Sunshine Family" dolls by Mattel...
Cannot find exact edition of my dolls but here is interesting blog post about them with some pics:


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