Monday, February 17, 2014

my doll collection vol. 7 & 8

the next two dolls might be an actual begenning of collection.
I got them in my teens - first ones i was never playing with - just to adore, dress and posess ;-)
they still are embodiment of my dream fasion doll.
looking more like me - with natural, sun kissed brown hair.
not being soooo pink... and first of all - something very unussual in early 90s -
green and purple eyes, again, with vey natural make-up.

Sindy doll has quite an impresive history too (1963),and yay! its English :-)
you can read history (((here))).
"Sindy's "girl next door" look made her more popular than Barbie in Britain" sais it all.

here are my deer-eyed beauties:

 and here they are in oryginal packaging/outfits:

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