Thursday, July 28, 2016

My doll nr 36

ok, and now for something completely different...
I didn't care for Monster Highs in other ways that thinking that they are different, some designs are really clever and that i would probably like them as they are dangerous yet pretty and definitely not sweet.
I couldn't resist tho when I found this Clawdeen in Swedish secondhand - she is not only brunette but also quite clearly afro-american... so that she fits into my collection, right;-)
(I won't mention all those amazing repaint tutorials which made me fall for more pastel coloured bodies but about that in the 'next episode')

 She came with most of her clothes so it was easy to identify her (I knew immediately that i am selling it all and make the doll my own)...


I must say once you have them in your hands...her huge eyes and blaise lips are charming and tiny bodies with tiny rat-like claws are pleasure to play with. I love this stylish scoliosis;-)

Really amazing hair I must say... love the curls and the balayage...

I won't have bigger problems with removing her make-up tho.. can't wait for my next repaint session!

..such a good posing...

 I think I've found my new favourite spot...

p.s. she is Monster High Music Festival Clawdeen Wolf Doll
Here she is boxed, cartooned and in original clothes:

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  1. uszatym nie potrafię się oprzeć ♥

  2. na szczescie nawet wpisuja sie w moja 'kolekcje'